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A Question of Credibility

by Steven Starke

Why are project managers afraid to stop projects? So often after being assigned to a project, project managers try to run before they walk. This is especially common when the project is already in progress. You can quickly get caught up in the momentum of work and forget to question whether the work is justified. If this is truly the case, shouldn’t more projects be stopped? What if it means losing your job?

Agile Risk Management

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods incorporate many mechanisms for dealing with late-breaking changes that also lend themselves to proactively responding to risks. Here we explore how these methods make effective risk management easier to implement.

The Social Storm

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Is project management ready for social media? Is social media ready for project management? While the prevalence of social media is exponentially increasing, its use in a project sphere is still surprisingly constrained. Meanwhile, on the whole most musings tend to view social media through a rather generic lens--and project management as a relatively fixed practice.

It’s Not About You

by Craig Curran-Morton

Want to engage all of your stakeholders quickly and communicate with them throughout the project? Stop being so selfish! It's not just about you. The decisions one PM made that supported communications on his project had mixed results, giving him some valuable lessons in the process.

Agile Risk Management: Harnessing the Team

by Mike Griffiths

Last month we looked at how agile methods provide multiple opportunities for embracing proactive risk management. This month’s article extends risk management beyond the project manager role and introduces the benefits of making it more of a collaborative team exercise.

We Are All Risk Managers

by David Hillson

Making a single person responsible for managing risk on a project is a major risk in itself. The fact is, wherever there are project objectives there are risks that might affect them. And the best person to identify and manage a particular risk is the one who owns the objective that could be affected.

PM History Lessons: Escape from the USSR

by Paul Bruno

In the summer of 1979, a young Soviet physicist decided to embark on an all-or-nothing project to obtain his freedom. Alexander Jourjine’s inspiring journey features eight lessons that can benefit all project leaders who face great risks, difficult decisions, and seemingly impossible obstacles.

Agile Risk Management: Running the Games (Part 1)

by Mike Griffiths

We've already looked at the opportunities agile methods offer for proactive risk management and examined the benefits of engaging the whole team in risk management through collaborative games. As our agile risk management series continues, we walk through those games and explains how to engage a team in the first three of the six risk management steps.

Defining Risk Types

by David Hillson

Risk matters because it has the potential to affect the achievement of objectives. By linking risks to objectives, we can distinguish a variety of risks at the organizational, project and personal level, from the strategic to the technical and so on.

Love, War and Projects

by Michelle Stronach

All is fair in love, war and projects. Projects, you say? Why not? Projects are similar to love and war in one significant way: they all involve people who are motivated to compete to improve their status. As potential suitors would contend for the affection of a lover, organizational leaders compete for power and resources.


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