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Seven Strategies for Technical Debt

by Ryan Shriver

Do you make trade-offs with maintainability and adaptability in order to meet release dates? Fortunately, this hidden-cost fate is avoidable--but only for organizations that make a commitment. This article introduces you to technical debt and its common symptoms. You'll learn the basic steps to set up a repayment plan, the common causes of technical debt and effective strategies for paying it down.

Proactive or Reactive Governance?

by Andy Jordan

Which governance/compliance model is right for you? Like so many things in project management, there is no one-solution approach to governance. Here we discuss two models.


by Mike Donoghue

When you’re out there breaking your back to help support systems, service and personnel meet the needs of your tasks and goals, do you have a firm idea as to who has your back and is ready to help you make decisions and take charge?

The Goldilocks Theory of Governance: Making Our Own Porridge

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

While good governance rarely happens naturally, it does and can happen. But rather than waiting for the right bowl of porridge to appear before us (because that really does only happen in fairy tales), we need to make the porridge we want. As with any good meal, it helps if we start with a recipe.

Governance: The Role of Roles

by Craig Curran-Morton

How many people on your projects understand the specific roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them? A huge challenge in many organizations is that they fail to define a governance structure that includes the necessary measures to be practical. An effective structure needs to have well-defined roles and responsibilities that are understood and adopted. Without it, governance is a hollow shell.

Effective Risk Management

by Brad Egeland

Few project leaders want to spend the up-front time and money to actually put together a risk management plan, but it truly needs to be your first step in effectively managing risks on your project. Your planning needs to include four steps in order to be effective and in order to be a "sellable" tool in your PM process.

The Right Risk Questions

by David Hillson

Risk management is all about asking and answering the right questions. It starts with broad concerns and concludes with well-defined ideas to address them. And it requires a basic understanding of question types and how they best map to the risk management process.

The Learning Game

by Craig Curran-Morton

There are not a lot of presentations that actively engage the advanced project manager. If only there was course that dealt with a project management topic from an advanced perspective, one that allowed for real application with course attendees...something like a PM game!

The Obituary Exercise

by Mike Griffiths

The next time you start a project, consider the obituary exercise. It might be just the right tool for giving the naysayer’s their voice--and then uniting the team around appropriate risk mitigation and avoidance strategies.

The Project Training Pickle

by Joe Wynne

What do you do when newly trained project workers are not applying on the job what they supposedly learned in training? What can you do? Here we look at the risk of (and the responses to) project training failure.


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