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Estimating the Data Warehouse Project: Wild Guess or Exact Science?

by Vijay Sankaran

To properly estimate a data warehousing effort takes experience, a deep understanding of what is being built and pure gut feeling. There are numerous factors that impact the schedule on a data warehouse project. In this article, we'll discuss some of those factors and give you some guidelines for estimating the data warehousing effort.

Data Warehouse Performance Tuning: Art or Science?

by Vijay Sankaran

You may have designed your warehouse with scientific precision, but a number of factors such as the data loading process, query patterns and unexpected data volume growth can lead to performance degradation.

Assessing the Maturity of Your Data Warehouse

by Vijay Sankaran

Most organizations don't stop and really assess how well their data warehouse will support the purposes it is being targeted for. It is extremely important that all warehouses perform a yearly assessment to analyze the maturity of your data warehouse. Here's some help.

Rules Matter, Even For Data

by Sunil Sharma

Many companies are learning the consequence of poor data quality. Whether you deploy DQA tools or a business rules repository, the need to continuously ensure the high data quality has never been greater.

Sensible Surrogate Keys

by Vijay Sankaran

Surrogate keys are the way to go more than 90 percent of the time in data warehouses. However, that 10 percent of the time may kill you, especially if you are dealing with a heavily utilized attribute that is the natural primary key of a dimension which is very large.

Dodging Disaster: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

by Vijay Sankaran

While business continuity and disaster recovery plans are important for all corporate applications, it is imperative that they exist for the most critical applications. The moment that these systems go down, your business is losing money. What are the different components of disaster recovery, and what should be in a good DR plan?

The Analytical Competency: An Unmastered Craft

by Vijay Sankaran

There's no glory for the IT guys in life after implementation, but business value isn't delivered by simply building the data warehouse. Value is generated by using the warehouse and supporting analytical tools.

EPM Implementation 101

by Bill Vesey, PMP

How can project management maturity affect EPM implementations in a government agency? You'd be surprised. By procuring and implementing EPM, government agencies are essentially shifting from a people-centered organization to a project-centered organization. The challenge for project managers responsible for these implementations is that the agency probably does not realize this. How should project managers address these cultural issues and help prepare an agency for a successful EPM implementation?


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