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Do You Exhibit Empathy as a Project Manager?

by Bruce Garrod

Empathy allows project managers to better understand the needs and concerns of their team members and stakeholders. This understanding can lead to more effective decision making, as well as a more positive and productive work environment.

5 Ways to Better Your Business Acumen

by Bruce Harpham

There is no single strategy that will progress your career—but there are specific deficiencies that may be holding you back, and insufficient business acumen is one of them. It is a quiet killer for your dreams of advancement. These five tips can help.

3 Focus Areas for Your Career Management Plan

by Bruce Garrod

Regardless of where a project manager lies on the career continuum, a career management plan is important. Read how PMs at two very different stages in their career can advance themselves in three common focus areas.

Are You Keeping Pace With the PM Skills of the Future?

by Andy Jordan

Unless project managers accelerate their attempts to future-proof their careers, they will find themselves being left behind by a discipline that is increasingly focused on skills that they haven’t yet acquired.

Why You Need to Be Opinionated

by Andy Jordan

In today’s social media-rich environment, there are far more opportunities for project managers to express opinions, to stand for something. That's a valuable approach to advancing a career, whether you are a contractor or an employee.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers: Working With Others

by Mike Griffiths

Interpersonal skills can often be the most challenging aspect of emotional intelligence. Here we focus on the importance of empathy (understanding and being aware of people's feelings) and social skills (knowing how to work with others in various situations). How do you measure up?

3 Adaptability Strategies to Help You Navigate Uncertainty

by Bruce Garrod

How does the reality of not knowing what will happen in 2023 impact our lives? What can the average project manager do to be prepared to adapt to whatever comes their way this year? These three strategies can help.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

by Mike Griffiths

Ignore emotional intelligence at your own risk. As a project manager, much of what we do is based on exercising EI. We are responsible for inspiring, motivating and influencing team members—and we must use EI first to get our mental health in order, then to help promote collaboration.

Strategic Thinking in Problem Solving: A Journey to the Strategisphere

by George Freeman, PMP

Approaching strategic thinking or problem solving from a prescribed means is rarely productive. You can use tools and frameworks out of the box, but one needs a more tactically considered approach to be effective. Is it time for an analytic tune-up?

Essential Power Skills (Part 3): Do You Have Clarity of Purpose?

by Andy Jordan

We increasingly talk about the need for project managers to be more strategic in their thinking, but what does that really mean? How can a PM make a direct connection between abstract concepts and the work that they do every day? And more importantly, how can they help their teams make that connection?


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