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Raising the Bar with Agile

by Charlie Rudd

With an Agile approach to performance improvement, people are seen as the source of value, rather than the problem that needs fixing, and tools and processes are designed to free teams to perform the irreducible activities that only people working together can accomplish. Here are some best practices for aligning the needs of people, teams and organizations.

Self-Awareness: An Overlooked Key to Agility

by Alistair Cockburn

The top three agile methods are all about self-something, and these phrases provide a key to the unspoken core of agile development. And it's Crystal clear that self-awareness is crucial.

The Game of Risk

by Johanna Rothman

Even in times of economic uncertainty, this writer argues that you should tackle risky projects--but manage the risk using lean and agile methods.

Capacity Planning: Respecting the Buffer

by Tamara Sulaiman, PMP, CST

While there can be many causes for a team consistently not meeting iteration goals, this writer finds that a misunderstanding of what the buffer is for--or simply not respecting that buffer--is a leading cause.

Value Thinking in Lean Times: Put the Hatchet Away

by Ryan Shriver

The typical response to tough economic times is for IT leaders to make across-the-board cuts. While the cost savings are immediate, they are drastic, one-time fixes that introduce risk and don't position the organization for future survival.

The Merlin Exercise

by Mike Griffiths

Need some PM magic? The Merlin Exercise can help project managers benefit from engaging the team in backward planning from the desired end goal--making it great for iteration and release planning where the end goal can be described.

Agile Algorithms

by Kathleen Ryan O’Connor

How an IT outsourcing services provider called on its Russian “connections,” innovative project management techniques and a bit of old-fashioned code detangling to help a Boston software company fix a slower-than-ideal program in record time.

Simplifying PM: Six Power Tips for Doing More with Less

by Jerry Manas, PMP

We need to apply more focus on valuable activities toward valuable outcomes. With this in mind, let’s examine six “power tips” that can help us focus on valuable activities, simplify our processes and enable the “necessary” to speak.

Agile, By Any Other Name…

by Steve Kirk

…would still look like modern project management. The value-driven benefits of scrums, stories and showcases have made sense well before the emergence of Agile. And they certainly aren’t incompatible with so-called “traditional” project management concepts and techniques.

Agile Contracting

by Jen Girdish

Fixed contractual restrictions like timelines, budget and scope can be impractical on the Agile project. Here, Agile thought leaders Rachel Weston and Chris Spagnuolo share some ideas for breaking through the “iron triangle” during the contract phase of an Agile project.


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