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Right On!

by Michael Aucoin

Welcome to Right-Brain Project Management! In this and coming articles, we will explore that often underappreciated and underused part of the brain, which is needed for success on any project--and is absolutely critical on those projects that are novel, high velocity or complex.

Software Development: Traditional or Alternative?

by Michael Wood

How do you align the method to the natural attributes of a project? First, you have to understand the various software development project approaches. This article provides an overview of several popular SDP approaches and identifies some basic criteria for selecting one approach over another.

Point Play

by Johanna Rothman

Which project is No. 1? Agile approaches can help you decide. This article outlines several options to help you decide how to rank with points, how to try an iteration for each project--and why you should alternate iterations.

An Agile Balanced Scorecard

by Roland Cuellar

There are a number of frameworks for measuring performance on software development projects, including leading/lagging indicators, efficiency/effectiveness, and the Balanced Scorecard. Is it possible to combine the best of these approaches into a unified system that can be implemented on larger Agile projects?

Barnyard Agility

by Mike Donoghue

As part of an agile training session, attendees are shown that while there are many roles that are part of the process, they essentially break down into two basic types: pigs and chickens. Which one are you?

Courage: The Root of All Agile

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

Why is it that a team can be skilled in fundamental agile practices, have access to agile tools and still not be able to achieve the benefits of agile? In this writer's experience, the answer nearly always boils down to a lack of courage.

Agile Countdown

by Mike Donoghue

What's the right length for you? Establishing an appropriate iteration length in your agile development process is the first step to success.

Agile Management: An Oxymoron?

by Andy Jordan

The smart project manager will be aware of agile development approaches--and be prepared to embrace them and adjust their PM approach accordingly. So let's try and bring some sanity to chickens and pigs...

Agile CRM

by Andy Jordan

As the project manager, you need to help the customer understand why agile could be a suitable approach for them. Here's some help in preparing them for a wild ride.

Agile Myths Debunked

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

Don't believe everything you hear. The truth behind many agile software development myths will help you identify alternative methods to successfully deliver software.


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