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Agile Talk

by Scott Valentine

In this roundtable discussion, three proponents of Agile methods discuss their strengths, respond to common criticisms and concerns, and set some misconceptions straight.

Estimation for Agile Projects

by Mike Griffiths

While there has been much already written on agile estimation, it is an area that comes up time and time again. This article will cover the big picture view of upfront estimates and ways to engage more stakeholders in the estimation process.

Service-Oriented Project Management

by Jerry Manas

What does it mean to be service-oriented? A service-oriented project management model adopts its philosophies from the professional services arena.

From Agile Development to New Software Engineering

by Alistair Cockburn

Software engineering is being revised to take account of what has been learned in the agile movement--and it indicates where we should put our attention in the next decade.

The Value of Agile Earned Value Management

by Tamara Sulaiman, PMP, CST

What are the benefits of using earned value management on agile projects? Here we explore AgileEVM and its many benefits.

Agile Talk, Pt. II

by Scott Valentine

In this roundtable series on emerging trends in Agile adoption, application and acceptance, three technology executives discuss how Agile methods have made a difference in their organizations, from influencing their decision making and hiring practices, to improving team and customer interaction.

Planning for Change

by Preston G. Smith

We assume that we can plan a project from start to finish, and then simply carry out the plan. In the real world, it isn’t so simple, because the project environment often changes before we can complete the plan.

Looking to Leadership for Agile Inspiration

by Mike Griffiths

Since agile project management is closer to leadership best practice than traditional project management, it is useful to search leadership techniques for additional approaches that could also assist on agile projects.

SET for Success

by Jerry Manas, PMP

Leading with simplicity, engagement and trust is the way to go. Here we explore the three cornerstones of good leadership.

Which Way Are You Leaning?

by Bob Tarne, PMP

Agile project management and software development techniques like Scrum and Extreme Programming continue to gain popularity, but not all projects are suited to a purely agile approach. By helping to define value, eliminate waste and prevent defects, the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma can also be used to improve the effectiveness of traditional project management processes.


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