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Cooperative Games: Humans and Technology

by Alistair Cockburn

We've already introduced team development activities in general, including engineering and software development, as being built on three foundations. In this installment, we expand on one of them: cooperative games.

Inspecting Distributed Team Practices

by Tamara Sulaiman

Here are some key recommendations for organizations with distributed teams who are looking to make the transition to agile software development. When working with distributed teams that are adapting agile practices to their environment, use these values as one guide to keep them from straying off the agile path.

PC or Mac, Waterfall or Agile?

by Bob Tarne, PMP

The Mac versus PC debate has been going on for some time with strongly held opinions on both sides of the monitor. More recently, the project management community has been debating agile versus so-called traditional techniques. And there are certainly similarities in how both discussions can be framed and, perhaps, resolved.

Team Solving: The Under-Utilized Power

by Mike Griffiths

In attempting to solve problems, project managers too often overlook the best solution: the project team. This article outlines why the team has the best practical solutions--even when they may not be the best theoretical solutions.

The Right Stuff: Measuring What Counts

by Jerry Manas, PMP

There is a subtle but important difference between measuring outcomes and measuring people. So what should we measure? Here are five measures that can bring about extraordinary results.

Lean Processes: Humans and Technology

by Alistair Cockburn

The first installment of this series introduced team development activities in general, including engineering and software development, as being built on three foundations: cooperative games, craft and lean processes. This installment expands on lean processes.

The Agile PMO Role

by Tamara Sulaiman, PMP, CST

While it’s true that agile teams are cross-functional as well as self-organizing and self-managing, it is not true that there is no role for the PMO in an agile organization.

The Three Keys

by Preston G. Smith

The three keys to project management success are people, people and...people!

Agile Journeys

by Sandra Beckwith

Two years ago, Borland knew it needed to strengthen operational oversight, reduce costs and improve efficiency and quality. Today, the number of software releases has doubled annually, costs are down, and development teams are happier and more productive. What made the difference? Borland got agile.

Top 10 Agile Estimation Practices on a Page

by Mike Griffiths

If you can't summarize it on one page, you need to learn more about it. Here we cover the Top 10 agile estimation record time!


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