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Holding a Retrospective During Crisis: Lessons From Ukraine

by Anna Yakubova

Holding a retrospective during a crisis is a completely different process than it is during less stressful times. As a PM, you should be aware of the appropriate methods to use when this happens. A practitioner from Ukraine shares her experiences.

If Agile is Mainstream, What’s Next?

by Andy Jordan

When Agile emerged on the scene, it was a dramatic alternative to the way that projects were traditionally delivered, forcing organizations and teams to rethink what they were doing and how. But now that Agile is mainstream, what’s the Next Big Disruptor?

Better than SMART, Set CLEAR Goals

by Bart Gerardi

SMART goals can help set realistic, measurable direction, but they are often too rigid for an agile team. An alternative framework known as CLEAR allows teams to adapt as they learn, going beyond set metrics and fostering collaboration to produce better outcomes.

Embracing Agility in the Construction Industry

by Klaus Nielsen, MBA, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMI-PBA, PMP

For decades, predictive project management approaches have been applied with success. But now more than ever, more flexible (and faster) decisions are required in complex construction projects—where change of scope is frequent, and the need for new factories is crucial to remain competitive.

Organizational Change Management: Agile vs. Waterfall

by Bruce Garrod

Organizational change management helps ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and efficiently, and that they are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the company. But how do you approach it differently in an agile versus waterfall environment?

Agile Leaders, Business Leaders (Part 2)

by Andy Jordan

Organizations must adapt not only rapidly, but in ways that they had previously thought completely misaligned with their priorities. Thankfully, people operating in agile leadership roles are also operating as business leaders. The problem? Not everyone is recognizing it.

Has Agile Jumped the Shark?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Waterfall got criticized because implementations of development practice that followed a waterfall approach got too big, too ungainly, too bureaucratic and far too formalized. But as it is practiced in many organizations, agile is coming dangerously close to the same place.

7 Ways for Individuals and Organizations to Improve Agility

by Bruce Harpham

Improving agility is essential—but quite challenging. What can we do to improve agility? Let’s consider this question from individual and organizational leadership levels. These tips will help you to thrive no matter what changes arrive in your inbox tomorrow.

A Strategic Approach to Agile Product Teams

by Andy Jordan

Product teams are becoming increasingly commonplace, but are organizations leveraging them in the most appropriate manner? The way agile product delivery is being implemented can be elevated from a broadly tactical, case-by-case consideration to a more strategic one.


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