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Discerning E-learning

by Mike Donoghue

When it comes to hardware and software, great training truly relies upon great content integrated with great presentation.

Discontent Over Content

by Mike Donoghue

The goal of information is make someone informed and remove the possibilities of misinformation. So why the heck are so many content publishers making it so difficult?!

Distributed PM: Decision Logs

by Bart Gerardi

With remote teams the rule, not the exception, it has become more difficult than ever to keep team members and stakeholders informed, aligned and engaged. One tool that can help is the decision log: a simple listing of why, when and how decisions are made, as well as relevant details.

Do We Have Enough to Get There?

by Glen Alleman

A Performance Measurement Baseline can be used to determine if you have everything you need to complete your project, including money, time and resources. Here is an overview of what it looks like, along with some key related activities and desired outcomes to strengthen its credibility.

Do You Exhibit Empathy as a Project Manager?

by Bruce Garrod

Empathy allows project managers to better understand the needs and concerns of their team members and stakeholders. This understanding can lead to more effective decision making, as well as a more positive and productive work environment.

Do You Speak Stakeholder?

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Speaking Stakeholder seems easy at first since it's rooted in English. However, the challenge is the language can differ from project to project. Here are a few examples and key lessons learned in stakeholder communication.

Document Delivery

by Brad Egeland

When you’re turning in documents and project deliverables to your customer, you need to consider what they’re seeing and what message you’re sending them with the quality of your output. One slip-up can send a very sloppy message that can hinder the rest of the project--and your relationship.

Does the End Justify the Means?

by Brad Egeland

The first lesson a project manager needs to learn is that the customer doesn’t always know what they want. Experienced PMs, business analysts and developers must remain aware of these types of customers--and ask the right questions to truly identify the need.

Does Your PMO Suffer From ‘TL; DR’ Syndrome?

by Andy Jordan

To be relevant and valuable, PMOs need to speak the language of their stakeholders—and that’s often not happening. When it comes to your PMO communications, it's likely that you're providing too much information—or not enough.

Dog and Pony Roadie

by Mike Donoghue

Is the Tradeshow Shuffle giving you a headache? One look at this writer's experience may have you seriously thinking about some helpful staffing assignments.


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