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A Perception Change: Moving the Goal Post

by Laura Burford

Project managers excel at managing the project schedule, but many of us are not accustomed to revisiting the original premise of a project. There are four very simple and practical “perception” risk mitigation techniques that PMs and teams can implement.

A Plan for Managing Change: Process and Approach

by Mike Donoghue

Putting a well-documented change management plan in place can reduce the problems associated with scope creep, while at the same time establish a timeline of activities. By having your organization establish its own change management plan, clients have a method through which they can submit change requests for product fixes and enhancements.

A Reinvention Roadmap

by Aaron Smith

Successful business transformation programs must integrate strategy, people, process, metrics and technology. That’s a lot of moving parts. Here, a seasoned change leader discusses his field-tested roadmap for executing complex initiatives that drive innovation and create tangible value.

A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor: Committing the Change Team

by Simona Bonghez

When a project induces an organizational change and we must manage the change team, it may turn into an exercise in masochism. Being equipped with technical project management tools and techniques is not enough. What else do you need? Here we approach the border of psychology and explore team dynamics theories.

Adapting Over Conforming

by Jim Highsmith

Plans aren’t sacrosanct — they’re meant to be flexible guides, not straightjackets. Agile project leaders focus on adapting to inevitable changes rather than opposing them. In this way, value and quality are the end goals and the plan becomes a means to achieve them, not the goal itself.

Adaptive Action

by Glenda Eoyang

It’s easy for an unfettered 20-something to embrace chaos, transience and everything else the “Generation Flux” mind-set implies. But what if you don’t love chaos? What if your team is made up of 40-somethings with mortgages? Here's a cheat sheet, based on three simple but powerful questions, to help you leverage uncertainty in your organization.

Adoption Papers

by Aaron Smith

Organizations that buy a technology solution also must "buy in" to a methodology to implement it. And though the solution's features and cost receive the upfront attention in the selection process, it is the implementation that will largely impact end-user satisfaction, ROI and benefits realization.

Agents of Change

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

It should come as no surprise to project managers that the organizations most adept at responding to change do so in a structured, planned and actively managed manner. However, this is only one of the necessary elements that need to be brought together in order for an organization to implement change successfully.

Agile 101: Change Companion

by Jas Chong

Many organizational change initiatives are undone by lack of buy-in, fuzzy goals or basic human fatigue and resistance. A better of understanding of some basic agile concepts such as minimum viable product, short release cycles and feedback loops can be helpful in overcoming these pitfalls when leading transformative projects.

Agile Change Management

by John D'Entremont

While all project planning should account for the possibility of change, Agile projects live by it. They can also die by it if team members don’t embrace change as part of the process and work collaboratively to manage it.


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