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Change Master, Are You?

by Michael Wood

Far too many project management professionals tend to be more task oriented than positive organizational change oriented. So what does it take to be a “Change Master”, to tame the two-edged sword of change?

Change Perception

by Wendy Werblin

On most change initiatives, perception is 9/10ths of reality. Project leaders need to show their team members a reason to believe in the change. By developing a credible message and understanding points of resistance, you can create a shared understanding of the initiative’s goals and benefits.

Change Readiness: The PM's New Priority

by Andy Jordan

As The Project Economy reimagines business around the concept of projects, the disruption to operations increases. The project delivery function needs to manage that if an organization is going to succeed.

Change Starts With You

by Beth Spriggs

With all the effort and attention we spend on getting stakeholders and teams to accept change, how much attention are we paying to ourselves? Here’s a guide to examining your own response to change, which will, in turn, sharpen the context and understanding you share with others.

Change: In the Minds of People

by Jim Bohn

To create new behavior, we begin with the mind--change happens in the minds of people. Behavior will change as a person reframes the way they think about things, but all change starts and ends in the mind. In fact, change happens in several areas of the mind. Once we understand that important fact, we can help people adjust to change.

Changes in the Organization

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Organizations are never static; there are constant changes by design and by accident. Making changes in the organization should be guided carefully and managed just like any other project.

Changes to Your Budget

by Susan Snedaker

Flawed estimates, accounting anomalies and permanent or minor variances can cause budget issues. Some you just have to deal with, and get the rest of the work done with less. But many can be managed. By defining acceptable variances and monitoring your reserves, you can keep most projects on course.

Changes To Your Schedule

by Susan Snedaker

In the second installment of our Managing Project Change series, the author focuses on changes to schedule, discussing the possibility that they bring new opportunities; the difference between response and reaction; and the drawbacks of ‘fast tracking’ and ‘crashing.’

Changes To Your Scope

by Susan Snedaker

There are a lot of changes that can happen in a project that have a relatively low impact, but changes that impact your scope ripple through your project and become magnified. Scope screep is sneaky and it often happens when you least suspect. Here’s a primer on containing it.


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