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Project Entrepreneurs

by Catherine Rezak

Today’s successful project management practitioners must add value to the business by offering solutions supporting their company’s strategy. Those who cultivate and apply these four key skills can effect “change without apology” and become more meaningful contributors to their organizations and clients.

Hitting the Target

by David Hillson

Not every project failure is the result of inadequate performance by the project team. Sometimes the fault lies outside the project, with misplaced or moving targets. But if we want more successful projects, there are some simple techniques we can use to ensure that we hit the target first time, every time.

Unconstrained Change

by Janis Rizzuto

Project managers face resistance on a daily basis. Change management guru Rick Maurer spoke with ProjectsAtWork about how resistance leads to the high failure rate of major change initiatives, and what can be done to overcome the all-too-familiar struggle to move forward.

BA + QA = A-OK

by Janis Rizzuto

How can companies foster collaboration between business analysts and quality assurance professionals? New research recommends three steps to strengthen alignment between these complementary roles — and improve project outcomes.

On the Bright Side

by Adriana Beal

We’re good at scrutinizing problems, but many project managers and business analysts could do a better job of fostering positive change and improving future results by giving more attention to the “bright spots” on projects — those flashes of success that often go unnoticed when other things go wrong.

Caution: Merging

by Dana Cooper

Merger-and-acquisition-related projects pose daunting challenges to executive leaders, not the least of which are conflicting agendas and compressed timelines. Understanding and anticipating four “enduring M&A realities” can smooth the transition and help companies achieve the intended strategic benefits.

IT Governance Evolution

by Janis Rizzuto

As technology becomes ever more critical to business success, changes are coming in IT governance that tighten its relationship to strategic objectives. Here, analysts discuss the business basis for the shift.

When Process Becomes A Pain

by Janis Rizzuto

Processes are great until they become roadblocks that get in the way of where you need to go. “Workarounds” can help you deal with project delays and difficulties. The author of a new book describes how to overcome barriers to productivity, and says these breakthroughs start with you; you don’t need permission.

The Rewards of Change Control

by John D'Entremont

When it comes to managing change on projects, the first step can be the toughest — acknowledging that change is going to happen. Once this is accepted, you can lay the groundwork for integrating change into your project, including four questions to determine whether a proposed chance is necessary.

Project Red

by Projects@Work

When faced with a disaster, project managers must become recovery managers. Here, a turnaround specialist shares seven tips for turning around troubled projects, starting with realizing there is a problem and concluding with ways to prevent future disasters.


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