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We Need to Better Empower Project Managers

by Andy Jordan

How do we ensure that project managers can be empowered to drive the decisions that organizations need—while still being supported by those organizations? And how can that be achieved in an environment where leaders can drive overall strategy without having to be involved in every key decision?

Do You Have Too Much Strategy?

by Andy Jordan

Organizations can’t succeed without an effective strategy, but strategy alone won’t deliver successful outcomes. And not all organizations are acknowledging that fact.

A Conversation With a Project Manager—10 Years in the Future

by Andy Jordan

Project management is rapidly evolving. You’ll be able to evolve and succeed over the next 10 years, but you need to adapt if you’re going to thrive. What will it look like a decade from now? With a little bit of time travel, we let you know.

2 Ways to Be a Better Volunteer PM

by Joe Wynne

Volunteers brought together for the first time cannot be expected to work efficiently. You have the skills to help do-gooders do more good. But you can also run into trouble if your assistance is taken the wrong way. Use these tips to help without destroying the vibe.

Successful Strategies for Working With Contract Project Managers

by Michael Wood

You've decided to use the services of a contract PM. It could be one of your best or worst decisions—and that greatly depends on how well you establish clear and quantifiable expectations, and provide objective and constructive support of their assignment.

Talent Pool: 6 PM Lessons From a Swimming Official

by Paul Baumgartner, PMP

Can you build your project management skills in unlikely places? Here are six valuable takeaways this practitioner picked up being a sports referee, making him the best project manager he can be.

How to Optimize PM Methods for Personal Goals

by Bruce Harpham

When we focus on personal project management—achieving our own goals—project management methods don’t typically work. How can we truly adapt and harness these skills in our personal life?

The Dangers of Leadership on Personal Projects

by Andy Jordan

We've all had to deal with frustrated team members. But what happens when that team member is your husband or wife? Your sibling, child, parent or friend? Potential problems await when it comes to leading personal projects.

The Wisdom of 30-Minute Project Status Meetings

by Kevin Korterud

Your status meetings are too long, are attended by people that have (at best) tangential involvement, and tend to wander with the desire to check off as many of last week’s “open” meeting items as possible. Stop the madness with these important realizations.


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