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Blogging Teams Together: Creating Interaction Vortexes (Part 1)

by Sainath Nagarajan

Web logs--or blogs--on public domain allow the common man to become an instant author, publisher and critique in real time and (if lucky) attract a global fan following. But blogs are not for grassroots journalism or public activism alone. Part 1 of this three-part series will look at what roles blogs play in the context of online communities and collaboration.

A Key to Project Communication

by Jan van Galen

If communicating with your project peeps is becoming more of a challenge, help is on the way. The newsletter concept is widely used for commercial purposes. This article gives you some tips and tricks for incorporating the concept in your project.

IT Project Lessons from Titanic (Part 14)

by Mark Kozak-Holland

Many IT projects completely ignore anything during the post-implementation period, whether disaster recovery or business-continuity planning. But if the project team has to consider a recovery/continuity plan early on in the project, it would probably shift the thinking through the design process. Just look at the Titanic as proof.

When Technology IS the Business

by Dave Garrett

If you're building an online community, an intranet or just need to get people to use a new system, you face both technical and social challenges in building acceptance. gantthead recently spoke with Allen Blue, the V.P. of Product for one of the most successful social networking sites, LinkedIn. His perspective helps shine a light on what's important when trying to get people on board.

Continuous Improvement: From Theory to Reality

by Luc K. Richard

Post-mortems are valuable, but the reality is that no two projects are alike. Keep that important fact in mind before applying lessons learned to that next project.

IT Project Lessons from Titanic (Part 15)

by Mark Kozak-Holland

When projects fail catastrophically, a post-mortem is essential to provide a better understanding of the reason behind the failure. Look no further than the Titanic for proof.

Best Supporting Roles

by Dennis Smith

Virtual workspaces, blogs, wikis and archives can become the lifeblood of larger self-organized project teams, for which all-inclusive, continuous information sharing is a founding principle. Meanwhile, the author recommends that email take a backseat on project communication.

Lessons Learned with Microsoft Project (Part 4)

by Andrew Makar, PMP

People who demonstrate leadership abilities are often granted the title of "project manager" without any formal training on tools and technique. To help improve overall project technique, this series looks at the top 10 lessons learned using MS-Project. Lesson Learned #4: Use project and team resource calendars.

Power PMO

by Robert Handler and Bryan Maizlish

Part III: Xcel Energy’s post-project review process takes a hard look at what was expected and what was delivered, using value-based criteria defined in the business case. At the same time, lessons learned are captured to do better next time. Best of all, as 'keep-the-lights-on' projects are streamlined, more money is being spent on strategic, innovative initiatives.


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