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The Depths of Discipline

by Bruce Harpham

Many project managers view process-driven work as boring and rigid, the antithesis of agile methods. But all projects can’t be sexy change initiatives. Here are three benefits that project managers can gain from embracing process discipline along their professional development path.

Active Coping


The most successful leaders share a quality in common — they adapt creatively to challenges and change, says clinical psychologist Leslie Pratch, author of a new book on how to use personality assessment to predict leadership performance. Here, she explains what active coping is, and why it’s important.

Eyes on the Big Picture


Project management leaders must see the links and barriers between strategy and execution, bring context to data, and communicate up, down and across their organizations, says Tim Wasserman, director of the Stanford Advanced PM program. Here he discusses the program’s Strategic Execution Framework.

Beyond a PM Mechanic

by Joseph Czarnecki, PMP

Project managers become project leaders when they go beyond the technical mechanics of assignments and actively focus on the link between execution and strategy. Interpreting, anticipating and leveraging are among six essential business skills that you can continuously develop to realize your full leadership potential.

Help Wanted: Digital PM

by Carol Ann Willhite

A timely research report identifies the professional skills, experience and education levels that employers are seeking in digital project manager candidates — a rapidly growing role in web-centric organizations ranging from advertising agencies to software developers.

What It Takes to Lead


Leaders are made, not born. Here, leadership development expert Al Bolea discusses the two crucial “gateways” into leadership mastery … the importance of aligning your message and performance metrics … and the problem of “serial reorganizers” who create “zombie syndrome.”

Lead Like It Matters

by Roxi Bahar Hewertson

Whether cutting wasteful meetings, addressing conflict, or better aligning decisions with business needs, every decision a leader makes will have ramifications. It is approach, attitude and skills that will determine if those choices are helpful or a hindrance. Here are four ways that you can create a positive ripple effect.

The New PM On the Block

by Andy Jordan

No matter how much experience they have, project and program managers are constantly starting over — with new organizations, new clients and new team members. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, here are tips to make sure it's a good one.

Scrum Alliance Launches Training Program


The new Added Qualifications certificate-based program will provide training in more advanced, business-critical topics, starting with Scaling Scrum Fundamentals.

Managing Project Pressure

by Hendrie Weisinger

Here’s a professional development path that all project managers should explore: learn how to manage pressure. It will make it easier for you to deliver your best work when it matters most. In this new series, we begin with using positive expectations to kick off a new project.


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