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Are You A Value Creator?

by Laura Brandenburg

Beyond reducing project costs, business analysts must also focus on increasing project benefits. In doing so, you position your work as fundamental to successful outcomes. Here are four ways you can elevate your role and responsibilities to deliver more value to the organization.

The Best Advice I Never Got

by Brad Egeland

Managing scope is like babysitting a two-year-old … developers don’t wait for your green light … you won’t be finishing every project … and forget glory: most accolades will come from customers, not your executive team. This is some of the best advice I never got as a new project manager.

What Have You Really Done?

by Laura Brandenburg

There very well could be a goldmine buried inside your career history. By unearthing it, you can find relevant experiences that will help you open up new career opportunities and achieve future goals.

PMI Launches Agile Certification

by [email protected]

To meet growing demand for application of Agile practices, Project Management Institute will introduce a pilot Agile certification for project management practitioners, with exams starting later this year.

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

by Marti MacGibbon

Everyday tasks and goals are actually baby steps on the way to achievement of the highest standards and accomplishments. Here are six progress-oriented strategies that can help free you from excessive self-criticism and increase you and your team’s creativity, satisfaction and confidence.

Speaking the Same Language

by Craig Schuster, PMP

For global organizations with diverse workforces and clients, maintaining a consistent level of project management excellence requires a permanent commitment to training. IT infrastructure provider EMC teamed with PMI to launch a talent development program for its project managers.

Manage the Forest, Not the Trees

by Andy Jordan

Project control is not about the minutiae, it’s about the big picture. Here we provide some guidelines on how to move from micro-level project management to a more macro-level control phase.

Navigating Emerging Techniques

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

When is "new" good, and when is it just a fad? Sometimes, new processes and approaches may seem appealing and effective simply because they’re new and optimistically presented--and we haven’t yet been faced with examples of where they’ve been perverted and compromised.

How to Hire Better PMs

by Michael Vinje

Organizations must go beyond the resume to identify project and program managers whose capabilities align with their needs. An effective hiring process requires precise definitions of job responsibilities that can be matched to specific skill sets, as well as a structured assessment of personality traits.

Are You A Professional?

by Trevor Nelson

Is project management a profession? If not, should it be? And what would differentiate a professional PM from all the others managing projects? In this article, we explore what constitutes a profession, and whether project management should be considered one.


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