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Next-Generation PMs

by Projects@Work

Is your organization redefining the project manager role to prepare for the future? Are you for your own professional development? A new Forrester Research report makes the case for doing so, and offers recommendations.

Emotional Rescue

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Emotional intelligence goes deeper than data, beyond process, and right to the heart of project leadership. No longer the sole purview of the Oprah show, the concept is changing the way many perceive the so-called softer skills of project management — just ask NASA. And it could shape your future as a project manager.

Create Your Own PM Brand

by Dave Prior

As project leaders, a track record of success is important. But what often leads to greater opportunities is the impression we make on people while we are working with them and after we are gone. It is said that we spend upwards of 80 percent of our time communicating. By establishing and maintaining a personal brand, we can influence that communication and take control of the "noise" attached to it.

The ABCs of E-Learning

by Carolyn Pyrek

When considering the many e-learning options for project management training, there are eight best-practice principles — from active feedback to job context — to look for in the selection process. Here is a checklist of key questions for e-learning providers.

Success, Lies And Resumes

by Lonnie Pacelli

Your resume is meant to inform, impress and inspire, but don’t get carried away. Most employers spend about 20 seconds with each resume, and they’re mostly looking to weed out applicants. In presenting a concise, compelling case for why you should be considered for an interview, it is crucial that you ‘keep it real.’

The Balanced PM

by Seth Greenwald

For many project managers, it can be difficult to loosen the reins of control, downright unnerving to let others make decisions; others prefer a completely hands-off approach, leaving team members to their own devices. However, our full development as project leaders comes with the understanding that the capable people on our teams require both independence and guidance to do their best work.

Project Planning for Beginners

by Andy Jordan

The good project manager involves their team in project planning...the great one teaches them how.

Whose Grass Is Greener?

by Ann Sachs

Corporate project managers, consultancy reps and solo practitioners operate in three distinct project environments. When it comes to career considerations, each set-up presents unique advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and obstacles. Here is professional development advice for project managers in each situation — and for those contemplating a switch.

Culture Club

by Andy Jordan

How did you improve today? By making BPI an integral part of your company’s culture.

5 Concerns About Joining A PMO

by Andrew Makar, PMP

All project management offices are not created equal, and the perception of a PMO’s value within an organization will greatly influence a project manager’s decision to pursue a position in it. Here are five concerns that could discourage a project manager from seeking a PMO-related role, and why these unappealing factors still might provide opportunities to grow.


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