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Migrating to ITIL: Evolution, Not Revolution (Part 1)

by Michael Wood

ITIL appears ready for prime time. So why isn’t it being implemented with great success across the board in IT organizations? This two-part series will set forth some observations and insights on how you can successfully evolve ITIL standards into your organization.

Migrating to ITIL: Evolution, Not Revolution (Part 2)

by Michael Wood

ITIL appears ready for prime time. So why isn't it being implemented with great success across the board in IT organizations? As we continue to look at how you can successfully evolve ITIL standards into your organization, we present the remainder of ITIL’s modules along with implementation recommendations.

Regaining Traction for ITIL

by Joe Wynne

Soon after launch of a migration to ITIL, progress can get bogged down. What tactics should you use to regain traction? That depends on the problems you’re experiencing.

Destination: ITIL

by Mike Donoghue

A strong alignment between the organization and its technology infrastructure is an essential first step in starting an ITIL initiative.

Embarking on a Services Journey through ITIL

by Vijay Sankaran

ITIL brings with it tremendous potential to transform an organization. However, it requires unwavering persistence and commitment to leverage the transformation potential.

The Analytics of ITIL

by Vijay Sankaran

ITIL analytics can be a powerful enabler in helping better understand the performance of a set of services--and will help you identify ways to streamline and automate operations.

Investigating ITIL

by Michael Wood

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library has become the recognized standard for managing IT service levels throughout the enterprise. What should you know about ITIL and service level management? Wrap your arms around the components and terminology contained within this extensive framework by reading on.

Battle Royale: ITSM vs. CRM

by Michael Wood

Ever stop to think what the differences are between ITIL Service Level Management and mainstream Customer Relationship Management functions? Are they complementary to each other? Is CRM contained within SLM, or visa versa? The answers are a click away...

ITIL: An Arm and a Leg?

by Andy Jordan

For some, the tough economy means there is a greater willingness to accept risk on projects in exchange for lower costs--and that brings the benefits of ITIL into question. Is the additional structure, process and service quality worth the cost and schedule impact on initiatives?

SMITten with ITSM

by Rob Saxon

Since service management is far more important to our customers than information technology, the acronym should be SMIT--or Service Management through Information Technology--rather than ITSM. There are many methods for structuring the improvement of the service that we provide to our customers, but all of the complexity boils down to a few important considerations.


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