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The Internal Customer

by Andy Jordan

Maybe we should consider our internal customers as just that--customers. That doesn't mean that we stop using ITIL and start entering them into our CRM system, but we should provide them with the same standard of service--and expect the same level of commitment.

Do Customers Care About ITIL?

by Andy Jordan

Can you use ITIL as a differentiator over your competition? Is this a meaningful differentiator that will make potential customers choose us over the competition, or is it just another thing that you have to do in order to keep the playing field equal and that only becomes a differentiator if you don’t do it?

The Evolution of ALM

by Michael Wood

Few know the evolution of Application Lifecycle Management and how the Structured Revolution of the 1970s and '80s was a major turning point in software development. This article presents a retrospective on ALM and Structured Development Life Cycles--those that shaped it, the influencing principles and the related methodologies and tools the movement spawned.

The Power of Workflow: Making Bad Software Functional

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Assuming we have decent software, the essential strategy for making it work well is deciding how we want to work with it. In this article, we explore the considerations behind what we need to do to develop a good workflow for using software. What are the things we need to think about in using the software? What are the critical steps that actually enable us to define a useful software workflow? And why should we care?

ALM: A Body of Work

by Andy Jordan

In order to keep your body functioning as it should, you need to ensure that it is maintained properly. Effectively, we all implement ALM on ourselves by managing for our own lifecycle. Maybe this isn’t such a crazy analogy after all…let’s explore.

Application Lifecycle Resourcing?

by Andy Jordan

Should your development teams stay with a product from birth to retirement, or should there be “expert” teams for the different needs of each stage of the lifecycle? Here we look at the advantages of both--and the real world factors that you also need to consider.

Web-Style Application Administration

by Mike Donoghue

For the workforce that is widely dispersed, sharing application development, design and testing responsibilities goes beyond the normal struggles that hit most project teams.

Project Management for Life(cycle)

by Andy Jordan

Does ALM change product project management? Perhaps the biggest challenge that ALM faces is simply that it is not yet well understood by all of the people that it is aimed to help. Until both business and IT groups understand what ALM offers and the tangible benefits that it can bring, then there is a danger that ALM will continue to generate either a blank look or images of expensive software suites. Perhaps it's time you you focus your ALM efforts on the business first and the software second.

Vendor PM: The Five Things You Must Know

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

After more than 20 years in the financial services industry, this writer thought he knew exactly what to anticipate moving into his new role as a software vendor project manager. He was wrong...

How Much IT Governance Is Enough?

by Michael Wood

Decisions on IT Governance are easy when your company has ample resources and infrastructure to implement and support it. As companies get smaller, however, those decisions get much more difficult. Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate and prioritize your needs to build a strategy for getting the maximum benefit while staying within your means.


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