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When the Clouds Are 'Out'

by Mike Donoghue

“Cloud” sounds kind of ethereal, doesn’t it? Lofty in some ways, yet soft and comforting like a bed of heaven. With this new system direction, we’re supposed to let our concerns just float away. Not so fast...

Cloudy Business

by Andy Jordan

IT loves the cloud, but what does the business understand about the pros and cons? In this article, we take a brief, high-level look at some of the considerations that require business engagement--even if cloud-based project management is only being used on IT projects.

The Perfect Storm

by Rob Saxon

How can PMs harness the power of the cloud? There are many aspects of cloud computing worth noting from an organizational perspective, but this article will focus on two technologies that can be especially useful to project managers: software as a service and commoditized computing.

The Not-So-Silver Bullet

by Andy Jordan

This cloud thing’s just not working...the silver bullet seems to have misfired. So what went wrong? A tool won't solve all of your problems; in reality, it's a combination of the tool, training, process re-engineering and integration with other corporate functions that will keep you up to speed.

Agile for Package Implementations

by Mike Griffiths

There is lots of great information available on how to use agile methods for custom software development projects, but less so for package implementations. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf solutions make up a large percentage of the IT projects undertaken by companies each year, and many organizations are missing out on benefits that an agile package approach can bring.

The SOA Project Manager

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Project managers usually tend to focus on the methodology for executing the technical part of the project. However, a good understanding of a practical SOA landscape and its associated challenges can help a technical PM make the SOA adoption on technology projects run even smoother.

Cloudy Growth

by Mike Donoghue

While the promises of increased cloud activity are great, so too are the chances for stormy situations. While many organizations will rapidly seek cloud computing to help combat struggles with their economic circumstances, they will do so at their own peril. Be very afraid...the cloud craze is entering its teenage years.

The Little Engine That Could

by Mike Donoghue

Companies always work toward having the competitive edge, and key issues often focus on the perceptions of their customer service. That's all the more reason to be on top of the innovations and benefits of speech engines.

Toast, Sandwiches and Special Orders

by Mike Donoghue

Having a great product and seeing how its application potential could be exercised across a business, industry or many industries is exciting--but also daunting. The control you have over your product components cuts down on outsider adjustments. Keeping that control, though, may require making yourself available to the opportunities of customization and specialization.

The Cost of Quality: Agile vs. Traditional PM

by Dr. David F. Rico, PMP, CSM

Code inspections are an implicit, often unspoken best practice among agile project management teams. This silence has caused some people to question the quality control of the agile PM paradigm. Surprisingly, agile teams have not forgotten to mind the Ps and Qs of quality engineering--and not only continue to perform code inspections, but perform them more often. This results in even greater quality than traditional project management teams.


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