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The New Scope for Application Delivery

by Andy Jordan

Application development and delivery has changed dramatically in recent years...have you? Many areas have been well documented, but in the midst of all that there is another change happening. Who's in control? That’s what we explore here.

Service Level Management: A Paradigm Shift

by Michael Wood

Most of the information available on Service Level Management focuses more on the technical and logistics side of implementing various agreements--and on the relationship management side of the equation. While the technical and logistics aspects of SLM are very important, there seems to be an abhorrent vacuum around the intrapersonal side of making SLMs truly flourish.

IT Business Management

by Andy Jordan

Running an IT department isn’t about the technology, it’s about the business. To be a strategic contributor, IT needs to take a much more proactive view to managing the technology portfolio--driving business-focused projects with bottom-line benefits.

The IT/Business Partnership

by Andy Jordan

Successful ITSM requires a true partnership between departments. Nowadays there is much more of a balance between IT and the business groups that it supports--there is recognition that the two departments need one another more than ever before. However, in many organizations there is still a little bit of a divide--and to really leverage one another there needs to be a true partnership.

Five Steps to a Better Process

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Project management involves creating, facilitating and improving processes. But no process is perfect, and improvements can always be made. These five steps will help make sure that the process is carefully evaluated and corrected.

Bandage Management

by Andy Jordan

Too often, the organizational focus is on relieving symptoms, not necessarily solving the problem. The culture of these organizations is that as long as the user problems can be fixed, then the issue is “solved”. Not only is that inaccurate, it’s inefficient and risky. Quick fixes are not permanent solutions, so when bandage solutions and workarounds become the norm, it’s time to act.

IT Takes Two

by Rob Saxon

IT Service Management is rich and complex. So how does an IT manager navigate these choppy seas? There are a few ways to make the process much easier. Here we look at ITSM from a user and technology manager perspective.

Service Management from the Top Down

by Joe Wynne

Time consuming, friction inducing and potentially costly, there is plenty that you would want to avoid when properly building IT service management. Yet if you hold your nose and do it right, you can establish a strong and effective process.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

by Michael Wood

If you are to grow as an agent of organizational change, then you have to keep learning. Sometimes the learning comes from understanding your successes, sometimes by reflecting on the failures of others. But perhaps the most long-lived learning comes from internalizing ways not to repeat personal failures. Here are one seasoned PM's top five lessons learned along his 37-year (and counting) journey through the world of project management…

Coherence vs. Standardization

by George Dinwiddie

Standardization is the “copy and paste” method of process development. It’s as bad in spreading process through an organization as “copy and paste” is in code. Copying a working instance may be a good starting point, but it’s a bad destination. Creative work needs attentive thinking, even when deciding to not change the status quo.


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