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Leadership and the CIO: Too Little, Too Late?

by Michael Wood

At the turn of the century most would have agreed with the notion that the CIO was gaining ground as a true leader within organizations. Now in 2010, the pendulum may be swinging in a different direction. Is the future of the CIO in question?

Performance Tree

by Lyssa Adkins, PMP

As project managers transition to leading agile teams, the journey can feel strange, the references to values such as “purpose” and “courage” frustratingly fuzzy or beside the point. PMO director/program manager turned agile coach Lyssa Adkins has made the journey and believes that metaphors can be powerful allies in setting expectations and inspiring greater performance.

Four Techniques for Delighting Your Customers

by Ryan Shriver

While attending a recent course, this writer learned some simple techniques for better defining the customer and their desires. This article introduces some of the techniques that will help ensure teams know who their customers and users are, who they are not and how to create winning solutions for delivering value.

Project Warm Up

by Gina Abudi

It is important for the project manager and team members to get to know each other before the start of a project, preferably face to face, and even if it is the only time during the project they will be together. If that’s not possible, virtual meetings and portals can also help the team "get together."

Leadership: The PM Differentiator

by Andy Jordan

What sets great project managers apart from merely good ones? The ability to lead. But it's a tough skill to master, and it takes practice to become an expert practitioner. Here we focus on some of the key behaviors needed to turn a project manager into a leader.

Agile Communications

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods recognize the increased need for communication and provide a variety of tools and checkpoints to help avoid the classic project mistakes of mismatched expectations and confusion. In the absence of a visible physical product to point at and measure, we need to be constantly confirming understandings and aligning ideas against increments of the final solution.

Agile, By Design

by Clinton Keith

The call out for certainty from stakeholders has amplified with the cost of longer development efforts and the communication overhead on larger teams. Detailed design documents attempt to create that certainty, but at best they only defer its reckoning. Finding the balance between documentation and collaboration is the challenge for every designer on an agile team.

Leading to Success

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

To enhance performance and get a jump on their competitors, companies no longer need managers, they need leaders. Leadership has become a widely examined topic of academic research, especially within business schools. There is now a substantial body of research and literature on all aspects of leadership: what it is, how it influences the behavior of individuals and groups, and how it achieves its effects. Here we take a look at leadership competencies and project results.

Management by Example

by Andy Jordan

We are all leaders of our teams, and that’s a responsibility that we shouldn’t take lightly. Your project team looks up to you--don’t let them down. Here's some advice on how to set the right example.

The Face of Leadership

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Someone said project management involves leadership. What does that look like, and how do I do it? Given the uncertainty of what leadership is, what do we do in developing our own capabilities? What are the strategies that we should adopt, and how do we get to the point where we are comfortable doing so?


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