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Fixing a Dysfunctional Project Team

by Ken Whitaker

Sink or swim! Taking over a dysfunctional project team can be a very frustrating yet exhilarating experience. This article summarizes some “rules of the road” that should help you navigate through shark-infested waters--with the result being a highly motivated department or team delivering quality projects on time.

Workforce Leadership Tactics

by Joe Wynne

Is it possible to make leadership easier? It is if you make use of a certain characteristic of leadership actions. Here we present three quickly implemented project leadership tactics.

The Company Community

by Mike Donoghue

Remember what life was like before there was Facebook? We’ve come a long way with business and technology, but we’ve also found new ways in which to distance ourselves from each other--so building a community within our organizations is even more important in today's world.

Got Integrity?

by Craig Curran-Morton

As project managers, we often find ourselves in positions with plenty of responsibility--but not the power that comes along with it. Leadership is not just for C-level executives, but also for you and me. Are you exhibiting the essential traits of a good leader?

Trial By Fire

by Gareth Byatt, Jeff Hodgkinson, Gary Hamilton

Many a project manager has said the job feels like they’re always putting out fires. Well, projects are like fires in fundamental ways: no two are exactly the same, and conditions can change at any time, requiring corrective actions. From training to communication, here are some shared principles that hold true for fighting fires and managing projects.

Lights, Camera, Disaster!

by Geoff Crane

Corporate video projects are an increasingly popular way to communicate with customers, stakeholders and staff, but lacking core expertise many companies outsource the work — and introduce substantial risk, including the “producer-director dilemma.” Here are ways to minimize such headaches.

Yes or No?

by Mike Donoghue

Why is everyone so scared of saying "no"? While some may see it as a sign of defiance or challenge, the answer is often in your best interests. Here we explore a simple yet serious communication conflict.

Five Steps to Improved PM

by Brad Egeland

There’s no patented formula for creating the right PM practice. But here are five steps that your organization can take to improve on what it has (or had) and hopefully rise from the ashes with something that will work better than the last iteration.

Fake It Till You Make It

by Brad Egeland

Let’s assume that we’re all new PMs or new to project management. What do we do with this thing that has been dropped in our lap? It’s all about exuding confidence and following best practices.

The Training Has Left the Station

by Mike Donoghue

While training sessions have moved mostly online, there is actually a greater need for traditional training methods than there ever was. Whatever became of designated trainers and committed attendees going to a conference room? Can we bridge the gap?


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