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The Project Social Network

by Sainath Nagarajan

Why do social networks matter as much, or even more, than the hard-wired kind? What are they? How can you put them to productive use? Simply creating, storing and disseminating information will not enable project idea-sharing and involvement. We need to go beyond establishing information architectures, and examine interaction structures in order to create “contagiousness” and change that enable successful project outcomes.

One On Ones

by Deborah Barry

To overcome the conflict and distrust that often arises on cross-functional initiatives, project leaders should schedule one-on-one conversations with individual team members to understand their goals, concerns and solutions as they relate to the project objectives.

Risk Rules

by Glen Alleman

When it comes to risk management, hope is not a strategy ... all single point estimates are wrong ... and communication is everything. Understanding these principles and two others are the only way to turn risk management theory into meaningful practice.

Unified Communications Ascends to Top Business Priority

by Bob Weinstein

Listen up, IT project managers: If you've been casually following the UC market, get on the stick pronto, and find out what's going on. If you don't, your livelihood could be seriously affected.

Unified Communications: Why PMs Should Plug in NOW!

by Bob Weinstein

It’s not hard to figure out the reason why companies are scrambling to get a piece of the unified communications pie. It's certainly not to make it easier for businesses to communicate. It’s pure capitalism: money – the wonderful green stuff that fuels industry, creates jobs, puts food on the table and educates your kids. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Migration Patterns

by Venessa Wong

When Beijing-based I.T. United took on a data migration project for Texas-based Dell, systemized communication became a top priority to coordinate the work. To overcome geographic and time zone gaps, both sides needed to maintain parallel environments — and expectations. In the process, a long-term partnership has formed.

In The Eye of the Storm

by Richard Brunelli

In January, engineering firm MWH Global was hired by New Orleans to oversee more than 100 reconstruction projects, a role that the mayor called a “tipping point” in the city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. It is an engagement that shoulders huge risks and expectations, all the more complicated by deep emotional and historical factors. Communication is the foundation for all that will follow.

Deming, The PM

by Josh Nankivel

Dr. W. Edwards Deming was a giant in the discipline of continuous improvement. He offered 14 key principles for management to transform and maintain optimal effectiveness, efficiency and quality. Deming's 14 points can be modified to relate specifically to the field of project management. This new series shows how — starting with a commitment to improvement from the top, and a cooperative culture.


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