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Introducing the Project Mediator

by Casey Bauer and Nicolas Hans

Can mediation models used in the judicial realm be adapted to improve conflict resolution on your projects? Yes, and for project managers in increasingly networked, multiparty environments, these techniques can also enhance collaboration among participants and elicit more enduring, even inspired, commitments. Here’s a primer.

Water Works

by Elizabeth Harrin

Charged with upgrading a 150-year-old Scottish water-and-waste treatment facility while maintaining the area’s natural beauty, a project team focused on collaborative transparency with stakeholders and even incorporated sustainability into its own day-to-day practices.

Old Ware Stories

by Daniel Starr

Rigidity, late-blooming requirements conflicts, triangular relationships and simple geography conspired to deliver half of what a major technology project promised. On this effort, it seemed, you could change everything but the way the team worked.

The Dugout PM

by Seth Greenwald, PMP

There’s no guarantee that the baseball team with the highest payroll will win the World Series. In fact, unsung individuals who play together have often beaten a group of superstars who don’t. The best baseball managers instill the ethic of teamwork. What might project managers learn from their baseball counterparts to do the same?

Do Good: On the Ground

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Girish Gupta led a rainwater-harvesting pilot project that was so successful it became a government priority. Now he’s planning a database project to preserve traditional water conservation wisdom. When it comes to international development projects, the young Indian engineer says everyone must commit to the cause — the measurables will follow.

Consensus Worker

by Andy Clark

Conflict resolution is part of a project manager’s job description. It can be tedious, time-consuming work, but it is often the only way to save a project. And done right, it can build relationships that are more important than any one problem solved. Here is a down-to-earth, six-step process for reaching decisions, if not complete consensus, among multiple stakeholders with different goals and perspectives.

Community Is King

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Social networking tools can help project teams work faster and smarter, but they’re only as good as the collective buy-in, security is still a concern, and they don’t make the tough decisions for you. Here, some Enterprise 2.0 evangelists share their thoughts on benefits, pitfalls and the changing technological landscape.

The Art of Doing More With Less

by Bob Weinstein

Tough times call for tight budgets, which is what we'll all have to look forward to in 2009. Here are some practical ideas from technology experts on how you can make the most of whatever limited funds you have in the coming year.

Team Trials

by Barry Otterholt

Dealing with a non-productive team member can be a difficult, awkward process for even the most experienced project managers. Ideally, the remedy should start with the team. Here are some guidelines for discerning the root of the problem and taking appropriate, corrective action.

Let’s Hear It

by Rick Klemm

The Top 10 things heard on successful projects — you know you have good project managers when you hear these words come out of their mouths.


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