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A Guy Named Murphy

by Elizabeth Harrin

Doing nothing is an acceptable response to potential project threats that are deemed relatively insignificant or highly unlikely to occur. But what do you do when risk mitigation activities have been curtailed and that improbable problem does indeed arrive? Communication and calm are critical, according to these project management experts.

Keep Your Cool

by Dr. Rhonda Savage

When dealing with difficult team members, you need to set some boundaries, expectations and guidelines, and then hold them accountable for their behavior. Here are some tips, whether you are a project manager or teammate.

From Spreadsheets to SaaS

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

It’s hard enough to track all the incremental tasks that go along with even a modest project, so what do you do when those tasks start to number in the tens of thousands? One environmental consultancy was forced to find out in a hurry while trying to land a major client.

Not-So-Great Communicator

by Patricia Fripp

The project manager and project sponsor are set to speak. Everyone at this meeting needs to hear what they have to say about the company’s new strategic initiative, but within ten minutes most are either hopelessly confused or falling asleep. What are these speakers doing wrong? Here are 10 traps to avoid when you speak to your team.


by David Schmaltz

Collaborative planning is never a simple process, and nearly impossible to distill into a reliably repeatable process. The fact is, we often marginalize or outright exclude those who frustrate our planning with opposing views. After pushing through the plan, we get to live with the result. But communicating your command intent through “clabberation” — not a tidy plan — might just be the purpose of every project.

Command Intent

by David Schmaltz

Dynamic projects demand that teams not so much follow plans as continuously rethink and reinterpret them, continuously collaborating on the way to value-driven results. Likewise, stakeholders and project managers must appreciate that clearly communicating their “command intent” has become more critical to success than dictating discrete orders.

Create Your Own PM Brand

by Dave Prior

As project leaders, a track record of success is important. But what often leads to greater opportunities is the impression we make on people while we are working with them and after we are gone. It is said that we spend upwards of 80 percent of our time communicating. By establishing and maintaining a personal brand, we can influence that communication and take control of the "noise" attached to it.

Decisive, Not Divisive


Bad choices. Endless bickering. Lost opportunities. Wasted time. Does your team suffer from any of these decision-making ills? If so, it's not alone.

Building A Better PM Grapevine

by Drew Davison

Communication is a critical success factor in project performance, but those status report aren’t the only, or even the most important, tool in your communication arsenal — unless they’re telling you about the individual needs of each stakeholder. Here is a framework for how to craft a more comprehensive communication plan.

Difficult Conversations

by Paul Pantzer

All the latest time-management and process-optimization tools in the world can’t make you stop procrastinating or hold a difficult conversation. Confronting the “elephant in the room” once a day, or even once a week, will make you a better project leader. Here are five practical tips for doing it today.


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"The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style."

- Fred Astaire