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The Social Marketing Mountain

by Mike Donoghue

Trying to figure out how you can use social media marketing to your advantage is an exercise in head scratching. But the medium is also considerably less expensive than other marketing methods (at least initially) and is a frontier that needs adventurers.

Attack of the Killer Smartphones!

by Mike Donoghue

Cell phones are getting smarter by the second. What does this mean for project managers--and for those increasingly archaic laptops? (Don't get us started on desktops...)

How to Say 'No' the Agile Way

by Johanna Rothman

Saying “no” is not easy--it might be the most difficult thing you ever say to anyone in management. But starting a project without the resources is a worse alternative. Learning how to say no is a useful and necessary skill for project managers. It can be tricky, but here are some of this writer's favorite ways to do it...

Accelerating Virtual Working Sessions

by Joe Wynne

There are now several options for Web meetings that can be used in conjunction with the classic conference call to make efficient working sessions for virtual teams possible. Here we look at some time-saving tactics.

Social Media PM

by Elizabeth Harrin

How (and how much) is the project management community using social media tools to do their jobs and advance their careers? A recent survey explored these questions.

The Secret Life of Projects

by David Schmaltz

Maturity models, metrics and misleading metaphors have encumbered project leaders and teams. They miss the essence of knowledge work, which can’t be tidily represented in a PERT or Gantt chart. We need to explore different models to supplement and better guide our project efforts.

Manage the Document

by Neil Stolovitsky

Documents can be a boon or a plague to projects, depending on how they are produced and disseminated. Done right, document management is a huge strategic advantage on projects, fostering visibility, collaboration and shared objectives.

The Secret Life of Projects, Part 2

by David Schmaltz

Finding the right “fit” for your project, rather than following some previously derived ‘One Best Way’, might well be your most critical success factor as a project leader. It requires simultaneously balancing contradictions and it demands a different way of social interacting. How well does your project fit?

Vendor PM: The Five Things You Must Know

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

After more than 20 years in the financial services industry, this writer thought he knew exactly what to anticipate moving into his new role as a software vendor project manager. He was wrong...

Stop the Sticky Notes!

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

A project manager’s desk is often surrounded by scraps of paper with brief reminders and to-do lists, but this writer suggests a solution to eliminate “sticky note suffering".


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