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The Apathy Cycle

by Geoff Crane

When a workplace becomes apathetic, new ideas die on the vine. Whether or not senior management cares, project leaders must take responsibility for creating a culture of trust and collaboration around and below them. It starts with supporting those who are willing to stick their necks out on behalf of the project.

A Day in the Life of...

by [email protected]

A veteran program manager shares his keys to success, including a detailed checklist that mirrors a typical day on the job, from managing email to holding team meetings to keeping stakeholders informed.

Project Networking

by Nick Andrews and Karl Boone

Social networking is becoming a powerful tool for savvy project managers, and leveraging social networking platforms can pay big dividends for your global project teams. Here are some considerations before adopting a social networking tool for your project, as well as an overview of some effective options to explore.

Olympic PM

by Angela Smith

Working closely with Bell Canada business units to deliver a complete communication network at the 2010 Winter Olympics, project manager Richard Brodowski established an “enabling, not inhibiting” approach that allowed his team to quickly learn from mistakes and make decision at the ground level, continuously moving the project forward.

7 Contributors to Conflict

by Vivian Scott

Conflict on projects can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Project managers need to understand the common contributors to conflicts to help mediate and resolve them.

10 Questions to Resolve Conflict

by Vivian Scott

Conflict on projects can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Project managers need to ask the right questions to help mediate and resolve it.

Portfolio of Customers

by Mike Donoghue

Unlike many assets, the value of a customer relationship is hard to measure. You might be able to determine how much in terms of dollars and cents their collaborations have benefited you, but estimating the true cash value they represent is tough to determine.

The PPM Cascade

by Joe Wynne

This executive communication strategy will go a long way to prevent middle management inertia when implementing project portfolio management. Here we look at the cascade that breaks down the management wall to PPM.

Does the End Justify the Means?

by Brad Egeland

The first lesson a project manager needs to learn is that the customer doesn’t always know what they want. Experienced PMs, business analysts and developers must remain aware of these types of customers--and ask the right questions to truly identify the need.

Delivering the Goods

by Craig Curran-Morton

While you are rarely in a position to make the strategic or operational decisions for the organization, your intelligence can support these key decisions. That is the real benefit of a good business intelligence group, and the following four things can go a long way in helping you successfully deliver your message--and ensure action is taken.


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