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7 Ways to Build Stronger Customer Relations

by Stephanie Jaeger, PMP, BBA, PMO

It can be tough to keep customers’ attention—and ultimately keep them happy. True and meaningful relationships are built on shared experiences and interactions. You need to put in the work—and these pointers can help.

Task Talk: A Method for Effective Communication

by Alina Mahmood

One of the biggest challenges you face as a project manager is making sure all tasks are finished on time, within budget and—for those in the construction industry—safely. Task Talk puts the emphasis on duties rather than on people, and stresses how the duty is performed regardless of who is performing it.

From English to Globish: How to Improve Our Project Language

by Yasmina Khelifi

If we cannot understand each other, how can we collaborate? We often forget that the main obstacle to build relationships and deliver projects is language. Whether English is your native tongue or not, we all have to make efforts to be understood. These tips can help.

6 Best Practices for Technical PMs

by Vatsal Mehta

A skilled technical project manager bridges the gap between technical and non-technical issues, creating a cohesive team to ensure the successful setup and delivery. Here’s a closer look at the role, including six best practices to succeed.

How ChatGPT Helps Project Managers Tell Stories

by Karen Eber

From a project’s kickoff to final delivery, storytelling is a critical, if underused, tool for project managers. Can ChatGPT help? By generating ideas and connections based on your input, this natural language processing tool can prompt your own thinking and lead to more compelling stories.

No More Project History Lessons! Adopt a Future Focus Instead

by Paul Bird

The attention paid to recording the recent project past can sometimes sound like a captain reading from a ship’s log—a very boring register that no one will ever want to read again. Instead, focus on the future.

Hectic Workload? Learn to Prioritize and Communicate

by Andy Jordan

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for project managers to get everything done. Prioritizing the work is essential—but on its own, that’s not enough. Here's a helpful reminder on an oft-overlooked element of prioritization.

10 PM Lessons Learned Coaching Children on the Playing Field

by Bruce Garrod

Whether you call it soccer or football, here are 10 rapid-fire lessons learned by one coach that apply equally well to a group of energetic kids—and to your daily project management life (spoiler alert: yelling never helps!).

8 Ways to Minimize the Impact of Bad News

by Elizabeth Harrin

Projects don’t always go to plan. At some point in your career, there will be bad news to share with the rest of the team. Here are some tips for managing project communications in a crisis.


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