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5 Tips for Communicating Upward

by Elizabeth Harrin

Senior stakeholders are a key audience for your project comms. But how do you get the message across? Here are five tips to make it easier to communicate with executives.

Give Your Project Communications a Big KISS

by Bruce Garrod

Is your messaging ever overly complex and bureaucratic? You need to focus on transmitting clear, expected outcomes in your communications. By keeping these initial messages simple, sponsors create a positive environment and a solid foundation for success.

Communicating Bad News

by Andy Jordan

The real world often imposes itself on the world of work—and project managers are forced to communicate bad news that will never be forgotten by anyone. What's the best way to navigate these challenging situations?

The Dangerous Growth of Communication Assumptions

by Andy Jordan

The growth of project management collaboration tools has made more information more accessible to more people than ever before. But that comes with risks. Just because information is there doesn't mean people have seen and understood it.

Do You Exhibit Empathy as a Project Manager?

by Bruce Garrod

Empathy allows project managers to better understand the needs and concerns of their team members and stakeholders. This understanding can lead to more effective decision making, as well as a more positive and productive work environment.

Why You Need to Be Opinionated

by Andy Jordan

In today’s social media-rich environment, there are far more opportunities for project managers to express opinions, to stand for something. That's a valuable approach to advancing a career, whether you are a contractor or an employee.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers: Working With Others

by Mike Griffiths

Interpersonal skills can often be the most challenging aspect of emotional intelligence. Here we focus on the importance of empathy (understanding and being aware of people's feelings) and social skills (knowing how to work with others in various situations). How do you measure up?

Essential Power Skills (Part 2): Communication Is Still the Critical PM Skill

by Andy Jordan

Communication has always been the most important skill that a PM needs. But that doesn’t mean that the ability to communicate effectively is a constant. Just like every other aspect of project management, the skills and expectations are continuously evolving—and PMs have to evolve with them.

Revisiting the PM Future

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Nearly a decade ago, this practitioner examined the proposition that if we want to understand what project management’s future might look like, a good place to start is to look at how people in the past envisioned the future. Is that proposition still valid?


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