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Maintaining Project Team Productivity Through Inclusion

by Joe Wynne

Distinguish yourself by fostering inclusion to maintain project team productivity. Start by building from organizational policies and training—then apply that guidance to team and individual interactions.

4 Tools for Preventing Communication Chaos

by Lenka Pincot

We all talk, but do we communicate? In a complex project implementation environment, it isn’t so easy. Let's look at some specifics of project communication and why its failure can cause chaos—with four techniques for avoiding mistakes.

Collaboration Chaos: When Virtual Documents Get Out of Control

by Andy Jordan

Unhelpful comments. Ill-informed suggestions. Back-and-forth bickering. With virtual collaboration tools now an essential part of how work gets done, it’s important to ensure we’re using those tools as effectively as possible. And oftentimes, we’re not.

One Year Later: Assessing Your Leadership and Communication Skills

by Joe Wynne

You've been working in a different environment for a year now, using different skills. Make sure you take time to assess how it went so that you can generate something positive from this difficult period. It's as simple as asking yourself a series of questions to uncover lessons learned.

In Pursuit of a Common Understanding

by Andy Jordan

Various project management approaches employ terms and concept with their own specific meanings; much time has been spent on trying to create a common language among them. It would be better to focus on a common understanding, adjusting our language to our audience.

Distributed PM: Intentional Interaction

by Bart Gerardi

On a distributed project, the team can’t rely on the informal, incidental information-sharing that occurs when we’re roaming the same hallways or going out for lunch. That’s why an intentional communication strategy is needed to keep everyone informed and involved.

The New Rules of Engagement: Embracing a Distributed Workforce

by John Reiling

Organizational behavior theory offers insights into how collocated and dispersed teams can best work, but for many people the pandemic forced the issue and opened up a new way of working. Read what one project manager has learned about managing teams remotely over the last year.

Are We Taking Advantage of Virtual Opportunities?

by Andy Jordan

As people become more comfortable with a distributed working model, the advantages of the approach become clearer. But how many of us are actually taking advantage of those opportunities?

4 Ways to Work Effectively with Stakeholders

by Lenka Pincot

Every project has a varying number of stakeholders—sometimes too many. Trying to meet all of their requirements is often an impossible mission. Keep these four tips in mind.

Topic Teasers Vol. 140: New Year, New Team Rules

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA

Question: Due to my special skill sets, I am often asked to move between teams, most of them virtual. Since each team functions differently (especially as we try to survive by being more flexible and responsive to the customer and also work from home), I find it difficult to remember how each team interacts and how to know the unspoken rules they use to run their projects and their online meetings. Is there any method that a team can use so that members, plus those of us who come in and out as needed, know how to adjust our behavior—and how they can standardize their own?


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