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Without a Trace?

by Mike Donoghue

Incorporating robust requirements traceability guidelines into a project keeps a strong check-and-balance approach in place by making sure that each business need is truly identified as a genuine requirement, and that those requirements are then directly connected to deliverables.

The Requirements Wisecrack

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

Given the serious challenges that projects face with requirements, requirements management is no laughing matter. Yet to become successful at it, you might want to consider starting the discussion with a funny remark…

Dealing with Agile Requirements Uncertainty

by Mike Griffiths

How are you with uncertainty? Do you revel in the possibilities or crave closure? Agile methods have a very different approach to requirements management that some people find empowering...and others find infuriating.

Three Requirements Gathering Warning Signs

by Joe Wynne

A successful requirements definition phase takes a lot more than a good BA and enough time. There are time bombs hidden out there, but you can find them if you listen for the ticking. Here are three problems that can blast the success of your requirements gathering, how to spot them and how to react constructively.

Ready, Set, Go...and Ready Again: Planning to Groom the Backlog

by Andy Berner

For an agile project to progress smoothly, the backlog must be groomed and ready for each sprint. That work must be included in your project plan. This article gives you five points to consider when planning that work.

From Bad to Worse

by Andy Jordan

Some projects turn bad without warning. On other occasions, you can see the problems coming--yet it seems as though there's nothing you can do to prevent them. Think you're a Super PM who can save the day? Think again...

Rules for Surviving a Project Zombie Apocalypse

by Rob Saxon

Project issues and risks, like zombies, move relatively slowly. It’s extremely rare that a project manager will be introduced to a project one day and be overwhelmed by the same failed project the next. Therefore, like survivors of a zombie apocalypse, project managers have time to prepare--and to look for those indications that projects are turning...

Can You Process This?

by Vincent McGevna

What’s the quickest way to do a project? Do it right. And contrary to a popular backlash, processes can help. The key is understanding what process is necessary for the work at hand, and determining how it should evolve as things change. It’s not about bureaucracy, it’s about meeting the needs of your project.


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