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This Is Not A Test

by David Wright

Should testing be part of a business analyst’s job description? No — BAs should be focused on defining requirements, which belong to the business sponsor and staff who need them met in order to be successful. Testing the solution or enhancement that results from those requirements is a very different skillset.

Requirements 101: Not A Waste of Time

by Elizabeth Larson Rich Larson

It is not uncommon to hear deadline-stressed project managers and team members rationalize about why requirements management is not necessary. But short-changing business analysis activities is one of the leading causes of rework and delays.

In Search of True Value

by Michael Wood

Why do stakeholders' eyes roll when you try to explain why earned value is a good thing--and how it works? Ever wonder why claiming partial credit for projects in progress is met with skepticism and ire? Maybe it’s time to rethink the concept of EV as a way to measure project performance and progress.

The Customer Connection

by Brad Egeland

Why involve project management before there’s a project? Customer expectations are often out of whack before the services part of the organization ever gets its hands on the project. Here we look at the root of the problem--and provide some solutions.

Juggling Projects with Forgotten Strategies

by Vijay Aluwalia, Principal and Founder, VARUNE Project Leadership

Many initiatives fail to deliver. How will organizations remain competitive and efficient with such troublesome statistics? Here are nine tips that can give you a better chance of success.

When PMI is TMI (Part 2)

by Stephen Frein, PMP

What is a PM to do when confronted with an organizational culture that places little emphasis on structured project management principles? In Part 2 of this series, we’ll examine a simpler approach for introducing structured PM techniques into an organization with one-page project plans.

Where’s the BA?

by Adriana Beal

Project leaders and sponsors would rather be involved in projects that will effectively solve business problems, and for this reason, they should be the first to recognize the importance of having a skilled business analyst on their teams. Tapping the power of business analysis minimizes the risk of project failure.

Better Vendor Requirements

by J. LeRoy Ward

Does your organization have a “vendor management” problem — or is really a “requirements gathering and writing” problem? Here are some recommendations.

The BA-UX Intersection

by Kelli Norland

On any project, it’s the job of the business analyst to ensure that the business objectives and issues are understood by participants. And when the project involves end users of a new or enhanced solution, there are great benefits to be realized when the BA teams up with a user experience (UX) professional.

Do You Trust the Data?

by Derek Stevens

Successful portfolio management rests on complete confidence in the investment analysis and the underlying data it is based on. If business executives, portfolio managers and project teams don’t believe in the data, they won’t use the portfolio management system. Here are some data-gathering best practices to build that confidence.


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