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The Forgotten Stakeholder

by Andy Jordan

We've all done it: failed to identify all of the stakeholders up front. And you only realize it when you need them to approve something, provide resources or assist with the project. What’s the best way to deal with a “forgotten” stakeholder?

Moving Beyond the RACI Matrix to Determine Stakeholder Requirements

by Glenn R. Brûlé, CBAP, CSM

True stakeholder analysis involves five primary pillars of understanding. By establishing these five pillars with all of your stakeholders, you can be certain that requirements, solutions and collaboration will be fruitful--and any dysfunction associated with your project is likely to be dissolved. Your focus will be on the solution and not ego, politics, influence or any other static garbage that prevents you and your teams from being successful.

Stakeholder Engagement, Not Stakeholder Management

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Few project managers discuss stakeholders without in some way referencing the need to employ "stakeholder management". Not only have we invented a dehumanizing four-syllable word for "person", we've also now implied that they are people that need to be managed. Luckily, there's a simple solution here. Read about three letters that make a lot of difference.

Better Project Requirements

by J. LeRoy Ward

It will almost always cost more to fix a requirements problem during the execution phase than if the same problem was discovered in the planning phase. And the root cause of these problems is usually people-oriented. Here are four key best practices for writing better project requirements.

The Political Explosion

by Andy Jordan

Project management is all about people and relationships--and there will be times when not everyone gets along. Projects have the potential to be political hotbeds as stakeholders have their own personal agendas--and that applies just as much to team members as it does to the sponsor or customer. Here we present a true story of politics and the destruction of departmental relations...learn from it before it's too late!

Love, War and Projects

by Michelle Stronach

All is fair in love, war and projects. Projects, you say? Why not? Projects are similar to love and war in one significant way: they all involve people who are motivated to compete to improve their status. As potential suitors would contend for the affection of a lover, organizational leaders compete for power and resources.

Defending Your Workforce from Political Delays

by Joe Wynne

Organizational politics are inevitable--and cause the workforce to react in a way inconsistent with your project objectives. You will need to use special tactics to realign the workforce behavior.

Governance Update: More Standards, Less Compliance

by Michael Wood

What has been happening in the exciting world of IT Governance? Basically, the standards boards keep creating new standards because that is what they do. Unfortunately, most organizations really don’t pay all that much attention to them.

Personal Project Workflow

by Andrew Makar, PMP

If you’ve developed any training material for your projects, then you’ve familiar with process flow charts and supporting tasks. In IT projects, there is usually an operational process or workflow that the end users follows to put the IT solution into action. Even though workflow is associated with recurring operational tasks, they can be applied to professional and personal projects. Here, one writer looks at a free offering that might make your personal PM run a lot smoother.

Personal PM in Action: Building a House with Asana

by Andrew Makar, PMP

As project managers, we often reinforce the importance of proper PM in our professional projects. However, when it comes to our personal projects, do you apply the project management mindset and tools? One writer has found project management useful for a few significant personal projects.


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