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Principles of Evolutionary Architecture & Design for Agile PM (Part 2)

by Dr. David F. Rico, PMP, CSM

Large-scale change of enterprise-level architecture and infrastructure presents a challenge, especially in today's networked world. Enter agile project management. In our concluding installment, we look at successful architecture and design from history, explore the challenges that come with the principles of evolutionary architecture and design--and identify a short list of evolutionary design principles.

Request Management Gremlins

by AtTask

Poor request management will get your project off to a bad start from which it may never recover. Here are four recurring request management issues that derail project, program and portfolio effectiveness, from the gathering to prioritizing and tracking of them. How many sound familiar?

WBS Analysis

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Creating a work breakdown structure for the project and refining it until it can be used as the pattern for the project plan may seem like overkill for some projects, but the WBS can help create a schedule that fully supports the work of the project.

Where's the Quality?

by Andy Jordan

In software development, testing is one of the most important functions. But too often, there is a fundamental problem: We aren’t always testing the right things. Where’s the quality? Testing is a relative exercise, not an absolute one.

The Power of Reuse


When it comes to requirements, reinventing the wheel is costly, time-consuming and often unnecessary. The latest evolution of Jama’s collaborative requirements management platform introduces an intelligent, enterprise-wide system to reuse the requirements and other product details that are the same across multiple products.

Contingency Planning for the Knowns

by Al Taylor

Many IT project teams do a good job of identifying project risks and applying associated contingency reserve factors to the project plan. Unfortunately, project teams sometimes overlook the unique challenges that distinguish many applications and affect all projects undertaken in a specific application domain.

Matching Scope and Benefits

by Andy Jordan

You won’t get the right benefits unless you start with the right scope. As project managers are increasingly asked to become involved in the business side of project execution, many elements they previously didn't have to worry about are now becoming relevant.

Diving into the Project Plan

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

The project plan can be a strange environment of murky waters, but the adventurous project manager can see clearly if they dive in and explore the depths.

Integrate User Stories + Use Cases

by Nancy Nee

Many project teams shy away from incorporating use cases into their Agile approaches because they resemble the non-Agile techniques of elicitation and analysis. But there are golden opportunities to leverage the power of use cases with user stories when developing Agile requirements. Let’s look at when and how.

Business Process: A Lesson in Anatomy

by Michael Wood

In an attempt to help those of you struggling with Business Process Improvement and Business Process Analysis, our expert presents these “anatomical components” in terms of a series of rules so that you can use them in your efforts.


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