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Change is Not Always Pain

by Andy Jordan

How can organizational change be implemented with a minimum of distress? Change frequently results in unrest, uncertainty and concern caused by nothing more than fear. People lose focus, become less productive and potentially seek out alternative employment because of the fear of something that is not going to happen. In this article, we look at how we can manage those situations more effectively.

The PM Crystal Ball

by Michael Wood

What does the future hold for project management? What trends and concepts will shape project management tools, methods and practices in 2012 and beyond? For one writer, the answer seems clear. Here, we look at the environment that will influence projects, and the three takeaways we should be aware of heading into the new year.

Change Management: Understanding Perspectives

by Craig Curran-Morton

It's important to engage your stakeholders early on in the project process and work with them to understand their perspective. In this article, we will examine some of the key things to consider when making certain that your project engages and captures the perspectives of your stakeholders to ensure that project results are sustainable over the long term.

Maintaining Engagement as Part of Change Management

by Joe Wynne

You will have to fight against the gravitational pull of negative organizational climate to achieve the engagement of project workers and others. Use these tactics to help you win the battle.

PM History Lessons: The Jeep

by Paul Bruno

In the summer of 1940, with Germany winning the war in Europe and Japan rising in Asia, the U.S. Army initiated a procurement of a revolutionary vehicle prototype that would help win World War II and endure for 70 years — a project which has lessons to teach us today.

Agile 101: Product Backlog

by Tom Mochal

In an Agile project, you don’t create large documents to hold user requirements; in fact, you don’t need a traditional document at all. The preferred technique is to use a product backlog, which represents a prioritized collection of work remaining on the project at any given time.

Agile Requirements: Oxymoron?

by Ellen Gottesdiener

Adult children. Jumbo shrimp. Seriously funny. I’m sure you recognize these expressions as oxymorons — self-contradictory phrases, often with an ironic meaning. Should we add “agile requirements” to the list? Does agile development fit in with traditional requirements practices? And if so, how?

Look! Up in the Sky! It's Your PM Future!

by Andy Jordan

What will project management look like in the future? One writer summons his smarts as he comes up with some dramatic predictions about governance, PMOs and the accountable PM. Is he a genius or a goofball? You be the judge...

Project-Level Technical Architecture

by Tom Mochal

It is important to define your project’s technical architecture early in the process, with input from the team. This includes all the hardware, software and other technologies your project requires. It will need to be flexible, but the sooner you get it right, the better off your budget and schedule will be.

Socially Acceptable Project Management

by Michelle Stronach

Thinking about how to use social media? Your project team members are already there. Social media has morphed from something that you play with to something businesses use for marketing, advertising and reputation management--or for encouraging networking, the exchange of ideas and collaboration within their organizations.


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