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Capturing Project Requirements and Knowledge

PREMIUM white paper
by Gregory Githens

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

Projects don't fail at the end, they fail at the beginning. Thinking strategically and leveraging requirements help you begin as well as you hope to end.

Setting the Course

white paper
by Sarah Fister Gale

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

Gathering and analyzing project requirements takes a strategic mindset and strong communication skills.

State of Scrum Report

white paper
by, and Scrum Alliance

There has been an explosive change within the last two decades over how software is developed and deployed. Agile methods and Scrum have led this charge and continue to gain momentum. A new report, "The State of Scrum: Benchmarks & Guidelines", is now available. This report reveals who is practicing Scrum, why they are practicing Scrum and the outlook for Scrum. Almost 500 professionals in over 70 countries were surveyed by, and Scrum Alliance for the report. Participants represented multiple industries from IT to education, finance, government, healthcare, telecommunications and more. Learn how your Scrum practice compares!

Meeting Expectations

white paper
by Jonathan W. Powell, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

In addition to clarifying requirements, the facilitated workshop helps achieve customer buy-in and focus on project schedule, constraints and risks.

Building Commitment During an ERP Rollout

white paper
by Luc Galoppin & Daryl Conner

In this e-book, Luc Galoppin and Daryl Conner bring together their insights on commitment and social architecture. You will learn how the eight stages of commitment apply to an ERP rollout and why it is critical to carefully plan the "moments of truth". This e-book is specifically useful for executives who face an ERP rollout. It helps us to see where we need to be vigorous in terms of organizational change management.

Set in Stone

white paper
by PM Network

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

Two seasoned professionals discuss how to convince stakeholders to nail down project requirements from the start.

Beginning at the End: Requirements Gathering Lessons from a Flowchart Junkie

white paper
by Cari Stieglitz, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

With over 70% of project failures being attributed to requirements gathering, why are we still using the same techniques and expecting different results? Requirements need to be discovered before they can be "gathered"--and this requires a robust approach to analyzing the business needs.

The State of the PMO 2012

white paper
by PM Solutions

gantthead is proud to be the media partner for this PM Solutions research report and survey. The PMO has become the central organizational structure for standardizing the practices of companies in the delivery of their projects. PM Solutions Research surveyed a broad spectrum of companies to get a clearer understanding of the variety of factors that affect PMOs. The State of the PMO 2012 was designed to help us understand the nature of current PMO practices and discover trends that may point to solutions to today’s challenges.

Creating an Association to Standardize Project Spans

white paper
by Brad Candia; Brian Gomez; Dr. Matthew Gonzalez, PMP; and Fabio Magana

IT companies are required to assist businesses with decisions by deciphering technical concerns. They also bridge the gap for business and technology. Providing more ways to close the gap could result in increased use of IT resources for future efforts.


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