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Assignment Matrix

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefan de Vries

If your project involves many persons or groups and many activities, it is advisable to create and maintain an assignment matrix. This provides a clear view over the persons or groups related to every bit of project work, and helps to avoid confusion or misunderstanding about who does what. This assignment matrix can be used to relate persons or groups to project activities or work packages. This relation can vary from being responsible, accountable, informed, consulted or any other type of assignment.

Risk Register Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Islam Moussa

What impact could potential risks have on your project? Help determine your risk score and response strategy using this Excel register, which takes into account values for probability, schedule, cost and safety.

Regular Monitoring Visit (RMV) Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Danilo Uvalin

Clinical research involves numerous daily monitoring and controlling activities. An integral part of every clinical research study is a clinical monitoring report. No matter if you are a seasoned clinical research professional or an enthusiastic newbie, the right monitoring report template can make your life much easier and assure the delivery of critical information.

Flowchart: Directing & Managing Project Work Process

PREMIUM presentation
by Baria Abu Ghoush

This simple PDF flowchart depicts the process of leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes and the deliverable to achieve project objectives. Use it as a visual refresher or teaching tool.

The Importance of Lessons Learned and the Lessons Learned Facilitator

PREMIUM presentation
by Al Jacobs

In firms that are often run by short sided and overstretched managers, appointing a lessons learned facilitator is a necessary step to capitalize on past successes and errors. Why make the same mistake twice if you can avoid it? This presentation and its accompanying templates share a way for program and project managers to collect and share lessons learned—ones that often get buried in their day-to-day routines. Finding, tweaking and then formally sharing those "neglected" lessons learned can save a firm significant funds and increase related future project efficiencies.

Meeting Minutes Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Aejaz Shaikh

Communication is critical for project success, and meetings are a part of that crucial channel. To make the most out of meetings, a follow-up action plan must be used. This template has all of the necessary placeholders to help you keep track of commitments and action items.

Project HEADWAY: Managing The Unmanageable

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly explores the underlying causes and challenges of managing in the face of uncertain, complex and difficult situations. He explores where and why complexity emerges and the challenges it presents for our projects. He outlines effective strategies to anticipate, address, plan for and manage complex situations when they emerge. Finally, he addresses the challenges associated with keeping other stakeholders—and particularly our sponsors—on side and supportive when difficult situations arise. If complexity overshadows your projects, there is a simple and uncomplicated solution: join us for this webinar.

Quantity Tracking System (Green Projects)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefano Pittaluga

This template is built for construction project control managers who need to keep track of quantities installed onsite and—with the same tool—produce a weekly/monthly report that supplies management with quantitative feedback about project status.


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