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Building a Distributed Web Application System

PREMIUM project plan
by Luc K. Richard

From definition and design to implementation and validation, the stages of building a distributed system can be taxing. Relieve some of that stress using this project plan.

Building A Dual-Method Culture


Flexible work approaches allow teams to use the methodologies that best suit their needs. Agile and Waterfall methods can be used within the same program or portfolio of projects, but like any successful marriage, it takes compromise and adjustment. Here are six guidelines to make it work and make your organization more Agile.

Building a Knowledge Management Culture

PREMIUM presentation

Knowledge management and organizational culture are inextricably linked. Implementing a KM program affects strategy, structure and people, all of which have a cultural basis. This presentation guides you as you define a culture for knowledge management within your company.

Building a Web Service-Based Affiliate Program

PREMIUM project plan
by Luc K. Richard

Get off on the right foot in your affiliate program with this project plan. This sample assumes that (1) the requirements have already been defined, (2) the Web service will be hosted on a J2EE platform and (3) the client will be browser-based.

Building An Integrated Roadmap

by Keith Duncan

By bridging strategy with project and portfolio management, integrated roadmaps help organizations make decisions that align with long-term goals and deliver more significant innovation, from NPD to IT efforts. This five-step guide to building a roadmap covers needs and drivers, products and capabilities, delivery gaps, and resource opportunities.

Building Project-Based Learning Organizations: 10 Mechanisms Influencing Project Learning

by Anna Wiewiora, Ashley Forsyth

Project learning is a vital prerequisite for innovation as it directly contributes to project and organizational capability development. As more organizations become project-based, there is an emergent need to understand how these organizations can overcome challenges of disruptive learning cycles caused by project temporality and employee mobility. Project learning occurs on the individual, team, and organizational level. Individual learning happens through intuiting and interpreting, learning by doing, experiencing using metaphors and cognitive maps. Team learning occurs through the integration of individual learnings, which result in shared understanding and mutual adjustment of mental models.

Building Stronger Teams with Cultural Diversity

PREMIUM presentation
by Trajano Leme Filho

Imagine yourself working in a multicultural team, with people spread around the world… is this just a possibility? Or a real thing that you are dealing with (or, you can see you are going to deal with this soon)? Let’s see how important is to consider diversity and national aspects of culture within our projects.

Business Agility - What's it All About?

PREMIUM presentation
by Ashutosh Bhatawadekar

In this webinar, I propose to speak on What business Agility is all about and Why it's a must in today's Digital world. We live in a VUCA world where "Yesterday was a History and Today is a Mystery". In this New Normal mode, what matters is Are our organizations adaptive & agile enough to survive in this ever Dynamic world? . This brings a need for our organizations and enterprises to embrace Business Agility to the core and bring out the real benefits of an Agile transformation to their businesses.


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