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Employee Performance Appraisal


Performance problems? This form will help you stay focused and professional when discussing performance problems and solutions with employees.

Employee Referral Form Guide

by Joe Wynne

Why struggle finding great candidates for open positions? Let your current employees do it. Develop or promote such a program using this guide.

Employee Reward Program and Incentive Checklists

PREMIUM deliverable
by Dennis Torrecampo

Each employee or team member is unique, with specific skills, talents, weaknesses and work styles. Shouldn't your employee incentive and reward program reflect that individuality? This set of checklists and worksheets will help you develop a program to keep employees happy and motivated, with appropriate incentives and rewards--developed with input from each of them

Employee Satisfaction Survey

PREMIUM deliverable

Can't get no satisfaction at your company? Find out why--and how to fix the problem--using this employee survey.

Employee Termination Preparation Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

In today's litigious society, it pays to be prepared to avoid the worst. Here's a simple aid to staying out of court after terminating an employee.

Employment At Will Document


Even if you aren't working under contract, it's wise to make sure employer and employee are on the same page. This agreement defines the terms of employment at will for any situation.

Employment Verification Form

PREMIUM deliverable

It may seem like a tiny, unnecessary step, but verifying the employment history of candidates is a quick and easy task that can save you and your company headaches down the road. This form makes it even easier.


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