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Internet Policy Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Your employees spend a lot of time online, but what exactly are they doing on the Internet all day? It is wise to have a policy to outline what is expected of their Internet use.

Internet Usage Policy

PREMIUM deliverable

The Internet is a powerful business tool that provides lots of useful information. Unfortunately, it is also a distraction from productive work time. Here's a sample Internet and e-mail usage policy to help you address this problem.

Inter-Requirements Traceability Matrix

PREMIUM deliverable
by Cynthia Snyder Dionisio

One way to use a requirements traceability matrix is to trace the relationship between categories of requirements. An Inter-Requirements Traceability Matrix can be used to capture this information.

Intranet Content Analysis Matrix


Organize all of your Intranet content, user groups, risks, action items and responsible parties with this comprehensive chart.

Intranet Development Questionnaire


Use this questionnaire to learn all about the client's motives for establishing an intranet and the current technical/organizational environment in which it will be set up.

Intranet Lessons Learned Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

How do you capture the lessons learned after completing a web development project? This presentation can show you how to organize those valuable lessons for future projects.

Intranet Planning Project


Put your plan on paper. Everything you need for composing an intranet project plan is right here.

Intranet Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

This sample plan can give you a good sense of how long an Intranet design can take. You can create your own plan from this example.

Intranet Requirements Summary


Why does your client want to build an intranet and what content do they want to disseminate? Prioritize the goals, issues, risks and solutions for setting up and maintaining an intranet site.


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