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PERT Analysis Worksheet

by Andy Jordan

PERT analysis requires the identification of three types of estimates, usually generated in conjunction with experts. Those are: best case (the least amount of time that a task might take), worst case (the most time that a task might take) and most likely (the expected time). This can be used to calculate effort or duration.

PERT Effort Estimating Chart

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

This sample template performs a PERT based estimation for a project when you provide quality estimates. The tool performs all the required calculations (including graphical display of the destribution and probability functions).

Pharmaceutical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example

by Project Management Institute

This zip file contains the white paper "The Work Breakdown Structure: A Brief Synopsis," a Pharmaceutical Work Breakdown Structure in both Word and Excel, and a PDF Appendix of the Pharmaceutical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example. These resources are presented from the PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures. PMI members can access a PDF of the full standard at no cost, and anyone can purchase a hard copy via the PMI Store.

Physical PMO Startup

by George Spafford

Need to open a brand new project management office, or a branch office of any type? Use this template to keep track of all the essentials--from startup dates to office supplies, from floor plans to security.

Physical Profile and Architecture Form


Use these forms to track your company's computer and network equipment and to keep current equipment in mind while planning for future hardware and software additions and/or replacements.

Pilot Project Standards


You're about to conduct a pilot project using a packaged application. What documentation and files will you need to do it right?

Pilot Projects Presentation


Pilot projects are golden opportunities for testing, growing and learning about your business. This presentation captures the fundamentals.

Planner for Selling New Governance Standards

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist with developing a communication plan and specific messages when new governance standards are being implemented throughout the IT organization. This template does not include training, which is also a part of standards deployment, but focuses on the “marketing effort” that is weak in many deployments.

Planning and Conducting Layoffs

by Joe Wynne

This template has been designed to help guide the project manager through the process of planning and conducting a staff reduction. Proper preparation and execution will avoid discrimination suits and other types of litigation, and enable the remaining employees to function as productively as possible during the transition.


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