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Post-Implementation Operations Planning Checklist


You're about to turn over the fruits of your project's labor to your client. You and the client need to agree how the product will be operated and maintained after implementation. This checklist will help.

Post-Project Review Form


Your application development project is over, and there were costs incurred and lessons learned, all of which should be recorded to better plan and estimate future development projects. Use this form to capture this essential information.

Post-RFQ Evaluation Form


You've sent out all those requests for quotations, and now they're coming back by the truckload. It's time to make the first cut, and this form will help you do just that. Think of this as an IQ test for RFQs.

PPM Implementation Guidelines


Before implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, expectations, support and staffing must be addressed. Here are guidelines based on six key questions that can help ensure your rollout is not only successful but improves alignment and delivers benefits across the organization.

PPM Software Evaluation Tool


The Project Portfolio Management Software Evaluation tool has been developed to support individuals in evaluating and selecting a portfolio management tool that is appropriate for their organizations. The tool provides a comprehensive set of dimensions that represent the attributes that organizations should take into consideration when selecting a PPM software package.

Practicing Green PM


Organizations are incorporating environmental considerations into their project planning and decision-making. Even if your organization does not, you can advance your career by taking a green approach to projects. Not only is it good for the planet, but it can differentiate you in a very positive way from your peers. After reading this article, think about the following questions and consider how you might adopt green project management principles on your next project.

Preliminary Application Development Requirements


If you are developing an application for users, it helps to know what your basic business requirements are before you begin extensive analysis and design. This form will help you document them.


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