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Risk Item Report


Keeping track of project risks is easy with this risk item report form.

Risk Management - Introduction, Awareness, and Best Practices

PREMIUM presentation
by Syed Moize

This webinar will provide a full view and understanding of Risk Management. New practitioners will find this webinar informative and immediately useful in their work. Experienced project managers will benefit from a refresher on risk management, as well as receive actionable best practices they can put to work today.

Risk Management Grid

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

The Risk Management Grid is a technique to identify potential risk events that could impact one of more of the project’s Seven Win Conditions. Importantly, it also serves to decide how those events will be prevented or mitigated.

Risk Management Keys in a Complex Project Environment

PREMIUM presentation
by Esra Tepeli

A complex project may have a very long and multiple phased life-cycle, a large number of stakeholders within a complex organizational plan, a complex resource management, technical complexities, contractual complexities and macro-environmental factors. On the other hand, complex projects signify a strategic importance for the project stakeholders in terms of their business strategy, brand image, financial and economic opportunities. Managing a complex and strategic project requires, in its life-cycle, a specific organization and a specific approach in order to reach the project objectives in terms of cost, time and project performance. The complexity of a project leads to the existence of interdependent risks, hard to anticipate and keep under control. For complex and strategic projects, it is necessary to identify and assess all the potential risks and opportunities through the whole project life-cycle, and develop action plans to mitigate, eliminate or transfer negative risks.

Risk Management Log and Budget Allocation Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable
by Khaled Istanbouli

Use this risk log and accompanying budget allocation worksheet to help keep track of all risks and their corresponding impacts, triggers, response strategies and contingency plans.

Risk Management Package

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefano Pittaluga

This Excel template is for project managers approaching risk management for the first time. It shares steps and examples to achieve a simple but effective risk management plan, probability and impact assessment table/matrix, rating assessment table and risk register.

Risk Management Package (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefano Pittaluga

このExcelテンプレートは、初めてリスク管理に近づくプロジェクトマネージャのためのテンプレートです。 簡単で効果的なリスク管理計画、確率および影響評価表/マトリックス、格付評価表およびリスク登録を達成するための手順と例を共有しています。

Risk Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

This 23 point, 5 page risk management plan addresses 6 categories of project risk. It is particularly good for non-technical projects. It's simple, yet solid approach enables you to create a thoughtful and defensible risk management plan within a short timeframe.

Risk Management Plan Template (Simple)

by Rod Baxter

The risk management plan template is a simple yet useful document to help you keep track of and manage your project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. It can be customized by adding or changing column headings to meet the needs of your organization.

Risk Management Principles and Approach of a Project Management Office

PREMIUM deliverable

Not only is this document a practical lesson in the principles and approach of a project management office (hopefully, yours!), but it could also double as boilerplate verbage for the risk assessment section of responses to RFPs as well as reports to the client.


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