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Risk Register & Response Planning Template

by Ihab Lasheen

This Excel workbook contains a risk register and response planning sheet to log risk cause and effects, along with strategy and action plans. It also includes a risk probability and impact matrix. Alter the data validation fields to suit your needs.

Risk Register and Tracker

by Harpreet Panesar

This risk register helps to identify and track project risks through the entirety of the project life cycle. It is used when identifying risks to log the risk ID, description, trigger, impact, probability and risk owner, and to establish the risk response plans. Once each field is completed for each identified risk, this template is used on a regular basis during project status meetings with the project team to track the status of the risk and the action of implementing its respective response plan.

Risk Register for Projects

PREMIUM deliverable
by Oksana Sakhno

This risk register should be used to log risks associated with the project, provide the information regarding the impact of the risk, and how it is being addressed. Each column has specific instructions on what information should be entered into the cells.

Risk Register for Projects (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Oksana Sakhno

このリスク・レジスターは、プロジェクトに関連するリスクを記録し、リスクの影響に関する情報を提供し、どのように対処しているかを示すために使用する必要があります。 各列には、どの情報をセルに入力するかに関する具体的な指示があります。

Risk Register Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Islam Moussa

What impact could potential risks have on your project? Help determine your risk score and response strategy using this Excel register, which takes into account values for probability, schedule, cost and safety.

Risk Register Tool

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mrinmoy Dutta

This Excel sheet contains a Risk Register with sections for quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk response planning and change control; along with a summary, a calculations table and more.

Risk Register (with Risk Scale)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Fella Boukadoum

Use this Risk Register and its accompanying Project Risk Scale (with a Risk Scoring Matrix) to document identified risks, owners and an action plans--and help you access their threat level.

Risk Register Workbook

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mohamed Mohamed

This Risk Register Workbook allows you to log risks along with their probability, impact and expected value and status, and compiles pie charts based on your entries for a visual representation. Add or change cells to fit your needs; entries will be reflected automatically in the executive summary and charts, providing a good tool for your team to monitor risks.

Risk Register Workbook for Qualitative Risk Analysis

PREMIUM deliverable
by Guilherme Calôba, PMP

This collection of Excel spreadsheets supports qualitative risk analysis, focusing on the creation of probability and impact scales, visualization of data and the comparison of untreated and treated risks.

Risk Review Process and Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Need to perform a risk audit on a project? This Risk Review Process and Checklist guides you through an exhaustive review of the effort, including documentation, resourcing, delivery performance to date, financial performance to date, and much more. It's not just a checklist of simple measures, but asks a number of questions that truly speak to the potential for the project to achieve the results that were intended.


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