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Regular Monitoring Visit (RMV) Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Danilo Uvalin

Clinical research involves numerous daily monitoring and controlling activities. An integral part of every clinical research study is a clinical monitoring report. No matter if you are a seasoned clinical research professional or an enthusiastic newbie, the right monitoring report template can make your life much easier and assure the delivery of critical information.

Reinventing Project Management Series: The PMO in The Project Economy

PREMIUM presentation
by Antonio Nieto

Recently Gartner claimed that 80% of today’s Project Management tasks will be eliminated by 2030 as Artificial Intelligence takes over. Will 80% of today’s PMO tasks will most likely also disappear too? On the other hand, the Project Economy claims that the future of work is about projects. How will this impact the future of PMOs? Will there be a need for PMO's? And in which form? This session, founded upon some of the latest research and practical examples, will explore how PMOs can adapt to the new reality and move towards a more strategic role to survive.

Reinventing Project Management Series: The Project Canvas

PREMIUM presentation
by Antonio Nieto

Project management methods have tended to be too complex to be easily understood and applied by non-experts. The pivotal assumption has been that documenting every aspect of a project in detail will provide a high level of control of the planned activities during the implementation of the project. Many project managers ended up producing massive numbers of documents and swathes of paperwork, leading to an overall feeling that the role was primarily administrative. In contrast, widely used management disciplines are often linked to a few simple frameworks that can be easily understood, and applied, not only by managers but also by the majority of individuals. Porter’s Five Forces and value chain analysis help to make strategy a key area for every organization to apply.

Reinventing Project Management Series: Using the S-Curve to Determine when to Start a Project

PREMIUM presentation
by Antonio Nieto

Knowing when to start a project is a key factor in its success. And yet it’s a strategic talent very few companies have developed. If you begin a project too soon, chances are high that the project will miss its deadline — if it doesn’t fail outright. Yet, there is currently no management framework available to help executives or individuals with the vital decision of when the right time has arrived. This webinar is based on my joint HBR article with Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself.

Release Guideline Process Checklist


Is your project ready for prime time? Have you validated the design specs against the requirements and tested the finished product against the specs? Read through this process checklist and make sure no open issues are about to rear their ugly heads!

Release Plan Presentation

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager with communicating the project schedule and its overall project impact to the workforce quickly and effectively, without delays due to waiting for additional detail. This communication is to be sent out as soon as possible, even while additional detail is being determined.

Request for Outage


When it's necessary to turn off, lock out or deactivate a system or utility for contract work or construction purposes, it's a good idea to get permission from proper authorities and provide notification to all parties affected. Use this request form for both.

Requirement/Gaps Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Tanish Mathur

This template can be used to gather requirements and gaps during product walk-through sessions or in any requirement discussion session. This template can be used in all kinds of projects where requirements and gaps can be classified according to the business unit and (if required) can be further drilled down to sub-units. It is most apt for core banking transformation projects where requirements come from all participants from all business units.

Requirements Audit Template

PREMIUM deliverable

This Requirements Audit Template includes a requirements quality checklist, a goal quality checklist and more.


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