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Software Development Project Metrics Checklist


There's a lot more to a software development project than just developing software. Are you measuring how efficiently your project is proceeding? How well you actually planned and estimated your project's needs and results? Do you feed that information back into your processes to improve future estimates? Use this checklist to improve the often-overlooked metric collection processes that can make a world of difference for the next time.

Software Implementation Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example

by Project Management Institute

This zip file contains the white paper "The Work Breakdown Structure: A Brief Synopsis," a Software Implementation Work Breakdown Structure in both Word and Excel, and a PDF Appendix of the Software Implementation Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example. These resources are presented from the PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures. PMI members can access a PDF of the full standard at no cost, and anyone can purchase a hard copy via the PMI Store.

Software Package Procurement Checklist


So, you're in the market to buy a software package, and you're putting that RFP together. Take a few minutes to go through this checklist to make sure you aren't forgetting anything important.

Software Systems Manual


Got a question? Refer to the manual. This comprehensive template will help you create a useful--we'd even say indispensible--user manual for your new software system. Don't leave home without it.

Software Testing Principles Checklist


Do you know how to thoroughly and efficiently test the software product you have so painstakingly built? Don't risk delivering a faulty software product due to insufficient or unfocused testing. Use this list to check whether you are testing smart--or just testing!

Software Vendor Selection Criteria

by Vyom Bhuta

How do you weed out the vendors among hundreds of products, philosophies and promises? How can you make the right choice? This template provides you with six criteria to evaluate package software vendor solutions.

Solving Project Conflict


This presentation will guide you on what to do when people, priorities or problems get in the way of getting your project done within budget and on time. You'll get troubleshooting techniques, guidance on what areas of the project are most likely to be quarrelsome, and you'll even get the benefit of some wise advice on how to reach compromise on sticky issues. The only thing we haven't included here are the words to Kumbaya.

SOW Deliverable Review Form


Statements of work (SOWs) commonly promise lots of deliverables. Use this form to keep straight what deliverables need to be reviewed before going out the door to the client.

Sponsor Project Closure Letter

by George Spafford

After the review process, a formalized closure letter needs to be written that concisely identifies the project, any key aspects about it and the fact that it is now formally complete.


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