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Video Delivery: Comparative Analysis


How would you show the client your analysis of a necessary technology? This report analyzes and compares video delivery systems and multimedia architectures for a website, using straightforward language and a clear recommendation.

Virtual Team Checklist

by Shyamkumar Narayana

Here are some tips on managing a virtual team or project when your customer is in a different time zone and your project environment is dispersed or distributed.

Virtual Team in Stages

PREMIUM deliverable
by Joe Wynne

Use this template to help manage your virtual team's performance by providing stage-specific guidance in key management areas. This handy virtual team management matrix will help you through all stages of JPACE (Justify, Plan, Activate, Control, End).

Virtual Team Performance Troubleshooter

PREMIUM deliverable
by Joe Wynne

Teams of virtual knowledge workers can spin out of control if not following specific best practices meant for them. This troubleshooter allows for a quick, detailed analysis and determination of actions to resolve or mitigate problems.

Virtual Team Task Planner

PREMIUM deliverable
by Joe Wynne

Prepare to succeed with your virtual team with these specialized tasks for your work plan. They cover each stage of your project from planning to post mortem.

Virus Protection Guidelines and Policy

PREMIUM deliverable

Do you have a policy in place to protect your company's computers and data networks against viruses and other destructive programs? If you don't, it's never too late to put one together. Use this document as a template. If you do have a security policy in place, you can use this document as a framework to get that policy out on your corporate intranet so everyone can practice safe computing.

Virus Protection Policy

PREMIUM deliverable

Having a virus protection policy and guidelines in place is the first step toward protecting your company's computers and data networks against viruses and other destructive programs.

Visual Basic Standards


Are you lucky enough to keep team members for the entire project? If not, utilizing standards in coding, such as these, will help speed up the integration of new team members along the course of the project.

Volume Storyboard Directive


A little planning ahead of time can save hours of work. This form is ideal for PMOs that produce large-volume proposals or project reports.


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