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Applicant Rejection Letter


With every offer letter, there's a horde of rejections to be made. Make it easier on yourself using this sample letter.

Application Developer's Architecture Checklist


An important part of developing an application is designing its overall architecture. Use this checklist as a measure of insurance that your software architecture design is sound and will properly enable and support the application and its users.

Application Development Project Plan Overview


Summarize at-a-glance the purpose and approach for undertaking an application development project, for the benefit of your senior level management as well as your customer.

Application Inventory Matrix Template


The purpose of this document is to develop a project inventory matrix which includes the major projects. The matrix would further help document the planned application architecture and facilitate the design of the future IT and application landscape.

Application of Function Point Analysis


Function points are a measure of the size of a software system. To convert function points into levels of effort, the productivity of the enterprise's development teams must be known or estimated. This three-for-one zipped deliverable includes a document explaining function point analysis, instructions on how to apply a function point analysis and a worksheet set up for an Albrecht function point analysis.

Application Package Technical Environment


Know the technical foundation on which you will be setting up your application package -- do a gap assessment of the existing and new technical environment.

Application Package Technical Requirements


A necessary step in both selecting and implementing a package is detailing the technical requirements required to run the application. Identify the hardware/software environment, interfacing systems, operational and backup procedures, and other key technical requirements.

Application Package Vendor RFI


This is not a typical request for information that goes on forever in boring text, putting you and your potential vendors in a coma. It is a useful matrix that succinctly itemizes nearly every criterion for selecting an application vendor.


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